Cafe & bar inside a furniture store

Brunch dates and furniture shopping are two things we find ourselves enjoying when we start to become adults. However, with our adulting responsibilities, we might not always have time for both.

Thankfully, Three Squares Cafe + Bar in Makati lets you do both of these refreshing activities at once. The cafe-and-bar is located inside the furniture store Design Story, letting you kill two birds with one stone.

Furniture in Design Story

Three Squares Cafe + Bar - Design Story
The cafe counter
Image credit: @designstoryph

Design Story carries minimalist furniture from the Danish brands Hay, &Tradition, and Verpan, and Asian brand Stellar Works. Some of the items you can find in this showroom are chairs, couches, lamps, and other light fixtures.

Three Squares Cafe + Bar - Design Story 1
Furniture on display
Image credit: @designstoryph

These furniture pieces are liberally displayed so you’re free to take aesthetic Instagram photos in the space even if you’re not particularly looking for items to decorate your home interior with.

Italian brunch recipes

Three Squares Cafe + Bar - vongole
Image credit: @threesquarescafebar

To suit the chic space, Three Squares Cafe + Bar serves fancy, Italian brunch recipes, starting from their appetizers such as the truffle mushroom and jamon serrano croquettes ((P280-P300, ~USD5.45 to USD5.84).

Of course, the cafe has a variety of pasta which Italian cuisine is known for. Their pasta menu includes spicy, smoky amatriciana (P320, ~USD6.23) and briny vongole (P380, ~USD7.40), which is linguini pasta with clams.

For a light snack, you can get sweet and savory toasts and sandwiches. They also have chocolate cake, cheesecake, and affogato for dessert.

Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages

Three Squares Cafe + Bar - alcoholic drinks
Modernist, one of the cafe’s signature drinks
Image credit: @threesquarescafebar

Three Squares Cafe + Bar offers coffee classics, hot or cold. Non-coffee drinkers can also get hot or iced chocolate and hot tea.

However, you should definitely try their signature coffee recipes on your visit to the cafe. Both their cafe con leche – strong coffee and scalded milk – and their spiced shakerato made with shaken espresso cost P180 (~USD3.51).

Doubling as a bar, the cafe serves classic cocktails such as negroni, daiquiri, dry martini, and the brunch staple margarita. They also have signature alcoholic drinks inspired by furniture styles, namely Zen, Silhouette, and Modernist.

Cute picnic crates for delivery orders

Three Squares Cafe + Bar - picnic crate
A full picnic crate with vongole, smoked salmon, beetroot hummus, and cafe con leche
Image credit: @threesquarescafebar

If you’re unable to go to The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, Makati at the moment, you can still get an IG-worthy brunch experience from Three Squares Cafe + Bar.

They offer aesthetic mini and full picnic crates which you can get delivered so you can enjoy their food in the comfort of your home or at your favorite picnic spot. You can even purchase bottled coffee or cocktails in picnic crates to complete your brunch.

To order, simply DM the cafe on Instagram.

Go to Three Squares Cafe + Bar for brunch and furniture shopping

Three Squares Cafe + Bar provides a modern solution to modern problems. It allows you to go on a brunch date with your friends and get their opinions on furniture at the same time.

Even if you’re not planning on buying furniture, you’re free to window shop, take IG-worthy photos, or just have a nice, relaxing meal at the cafe.

Address: Unit C-11, 2/F The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati, Metro Manila
Opening hours:
Tue–Sun 1oAM-6PM
Three Square’s Cafe + Bar’s Instagram
Design Story’s Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @designstoryph and @threesquarescafebar


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