Taiwanese-Filipino dining spot in Sampaloc, Manila

Traveling outside the country – even if it’s just somewhere two hours away by plane – is still difficult so we need to be extra creative. For those of us who aren’t skilled in the kitchen, we can thankfully turn to restaurants that serve foreign cuisine.

Good news for those from the metro who want to get a taste of Taiwanese foodEast Cafe in Sampaloc, Manila serves Taiwanese and Chinese-Filipino snacks, rice meals, as well as milk tea that Taiwan is known for, each under P200 (~USD3.90).

Taiwanese recipes

East Cafe - honma cua pao
Honma cua pao
Image credit: @_eastcafe

East Cafe serves classic Taiwanese food such as sausage and dumplings which you can enjoy by themselves or with rice.

However, if you want to get something less common, their honma cua pao (P120, ~USD2.34) – folded steamed buns with pork and fermented mustard greens – is definitely a must-try. They also have other steamed bun sandwiches, including sausage and pork chop ones.

East Cafe - fried mantou
Fried mantou with chocolate sauce
Image credit: @_eastcafe

For something sweet, the cafe serves fried mantou (steamed bun) for P60 (~USD1.17) which you can enjoy with condensed milk or chocolate sauce.

Familiar menu items

East Cafe - smoked fried liempo rice
Smoked fried liempo rice
Image credit: @_eastcafe

You can also mix up your East Cafe order and get familiar flavors and Chinese-Filipino food with their Taiwanese recipes.

Though it has Taiwanese flavors, their smoked fried liempo (pork belly) rice (P150, ~USD2.93) will surely satiate your liempo cravings.

You can also get siomai or Shanghai rice from the cafe if you find yourself missing these petsa de peligro staples from your university days.

Bubble tea varieties

East Cafe - wintermelon rock salt and cheese
Wintermelon milk tea with rock salt and cheese
Image credit: @_eastcafe

It wouldn’t be a Taiwanese cafe if it doesn’t have milk tea, or bubble tea as it’s called in Taiwan.

Aside from Taiwan milk tea, they also have classic flavors such as Okinawa, winter melon, and Assam (black tea). These cost P60 to P70 (~USD1.17 to USD1.37). You can also get these with rock salt and cheese for a minimal additional fee.

If you’re looking for something new to try, East Cafe offers ice cream milk tea (P85-P95, ~USD1.66-USD1.85).

East Cafe also has teas and fruit teas for those who can’t handle their dairy or simply want bubble tea with fewer calories.

Loft-type space

East Cafe - interior
The cafe interior
Image credit: East Cafe 東區咖啡店

A narrow, two-story space houses this cozy Taiwanese cafe. It has a few seats on the first floor near the counter, but there’re more in the loft area.

East Cafe - loft area
The loft area
Image credit: East Cafe 東區咖啡店

The cafe may not be spacious or have many seats, but this makes it the perfect place for a study date or a relaxing catch-up with friends.

East Cafe offers affordable Taiwanese food

East Cafe does not only save you money by removing the need for a trip to Taiwan to get a taste of Taiwanese food. Their offerings are also wallet-friendly.

If you’re on self-quarantine or simply want to stay in the safety of your home, you can also find their milk tea selections and other menu items on GrabFood, FoodPanda, and JoyRide Mall by searching East Café Maceda.

Address: 1556 A Maceda St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila
Opening hours:
Mon–Fri 12PM-12AM | Sat–Sun 11AM-12AM
0917 158 3133
East Cafe’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: East Cafe 東區咖啡店 and @_eastcafe


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