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Official Gashapon Store Soon To Open In Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC For Your Anik-Anik Needs

Official Gashapon store to open in Manila soon

Having anik-anik, or trinkets, is getting increasingly popular lately, as exemplified by the Sonny Angels trend. But if you’re an anime fan with dreams of visiting Japan, collecting toys from vending machines, known as gashapons, is likely on your bucket list.

The good news is that you no longer need to take an expensive flight to the Land of the Rising Sun to get these adorable toy collectibles. The official Gashapon store is soon arriving in Manila, particularly in Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC.

Opening in Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC


The news about the official Gashapon store’s opening was revealed by Manila-based architecture and design studio Tanhuanco + Andaluz.

“GASHAPON Manila – your favorite capsule toys from Japan are coming to Mitsukoshi Mall soon! Ready your tokens 🪙🪙🪙,” their Facebook post reads.

While the specific opening date is yet to be confirmed, the much-awaited store is expected to open its doors in November.

Vending machine craze

Gashapon vending machines
Image credit: Gashapon USA via Facebook

Gashapon is a type of vending machine that dispenses small, collectible toys or trinkets in plastic capsules. The machines come in a wide range of themes, including animes such as One Piece, cartoons such as Sanrio, and other pop culture figures such as Smiskis and BTS’ BT21.

Gashapon toys
Various toys from the vending machines.
Image credit: @gacha___s2._ via Instagram

These can be found in various locations like shopping malls, toy stores, and arcades across Japan. Additionally, there are specialized stores that exclusively sell Gashapon toys, with rows upon rows of these vending machines.

Start saving up for these cute collectibles

You have until November to save up for cute things from the soon-to-open, official Gashapon store to add to your trinket collection. But if we borrow the rules of “girl math”, you can spend the money you saved on a flight to Japan on more gashapon toys!

As you wait for the official store to open, check out the anime collectible store Aniporium in Makati. If you’re a fan of One Piece, you can also catch Mackenyu Arata who plays Zoro at the ManiPopCon 2023 this November!

Cover image adapted from: @gacha___s2._ via Instagram, Gashapon USA via Facebook