Mr. Terno is the lolo biker of Taguig

Colors are a big part of Filipino culture. We always find ways to add plenty of color to anything, even daily objects that are usually plain and bland such as rainbow-colored pandesal and Teletubbies-themed protective suits.

For this lolo biker from Taguig, exercise is made more fun and colorful by wearing all-matching outfits. Not only does Lolo, or Mr. Terno, coordinate his shirts and shorts, but he also matches them with his bicycle and accessories. His colorful outfits might just inspire you to grab your own matching sportswear and equipment and join him in getting fit during this quarantine period.

Colorful biker Mr. Terno can be spotted around Manila

mr. terno - biker with 9 colorful bikes
Mr. Terno’s different-colored bikes

Image credit: Gil Gener Palomar

Taguigeños, stay on the lookout for this colorful biker the next time you’re out running errands. Lolo Gil Gener Palomar, or as netizens like to call him, Mr. Terno, will be sure to catch your attention as a single-colored streak zipping past you on the street.

mr. terno - lolo painting a bike
Lolo Gil spray painting his own bikes

Image credit: Gil Gener Palomar

Being a 70-year-old biker is already a feat in itself, but Lolo Palomar stands out even more with the all-matching outfits and equipment he wears while biking. We don’t mean just matching shirts, shorts, and shoes – we mean matching accessories too, such as helmets and goggles. He even has a bicycle in almost every color, which he also spray paints and assembles himself.

Biking to release stress

mr. terno - biker yellow outfit
Image credit:
Gil Gener Palomar

When we hear about bikers in matching outfits, we think about bikers in monochrome all-black, grey, or white outfits with dark-colored bikes and helmets. And these bikers are actually what inspired Lolo Palomar to dress the way he does, but just in brighter colors. This makes biking even more cheerful for him, since he sees the hobby as a stress reliever.

According to an interview with SPIN Life, he says that biking has been his escape from reality since 1988. Through biking, he forgets about his problems and allows himself to relax even for just a little while. He also enjoys spending time with the biking community, riding together, and sharing experiences after each trip.

It’s a great reminder that once you find the kind of exercise you like doing, getting into shape can become easy-peasy.

70-year-old biker not letting age slow him down

mr. terno - biker in orange outfit
Image credit:
Gil Gener Palomar

While 20-somethings are already complaining about backaches, Lolo Palomar with his 70 years of age puts us to shame. From Taguig, Lolo bikes all across EDSA, often reaching Caloocan, Buendia, and Roxas Boulevard. Sometimes he even reaches Tagaytay, which is about a 2-hour drive away from the metro.

And while most people dread uphill climbs, Lolo chooses to bike over them to get to his destinations. He tackles distance and obstacles with ease and determination, and we young ones could surely take a page from his book.

Get your daily exercise in

The COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, though our fingers are crossed. In the meantime, as tempting as it sounds to just lounge around and eat snacks, it’s not exactly the healthiest hobby. We should also remember to take care of our bodies from time to time.

Just like Lolo Palomar, find the exercise you love doing, and you can be healthy and fit ‘til you’re 70.

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Cover image adapted from: Gil Gener Palomar, Gil Gener Palomar 

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