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Filipino Frontliners Can Get Free McDonald’s Fries & Coke Floats For National Heroes’ Day, Till 31st August

Free McDonald’s for frontliners

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone, but some brave individuals have risen to the occasion despite the hardships. While most of us have had to adjust to inconvenient but necessary protocols, our frontliners have been hard at work to keep people safe, fed, and healthy.

Which is why McDonald’s has chosen to hold a promo for said frontliners. From 28th-31st August, all frontliners can claim free french fries and Coke floats in celebration of National Heroes’ Day. And honestly? Dasarb.

McDonald’s promo for frontliners on National Heroes’ Day

Free McDonald’s for frontliners - promo ad
Free McDonald’s for frontliners
Image adapted from: @bebegirrl

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the country. Through the years it’s become a favorite for selling now extinct fast food items, and more recently, for opening a branch in an ancestral house. Now, we have no choice but to stan them harder for this promo they’re offering our COVID-19 frontliners

To thank them, the fast food chain will be giving out free medium french fries and McFloat combos to all frontliners who visit any of their branches from 28th-31st August.

Not all heroes wear capes

mcdo ad
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McDonald’s PH

It’s no coincidence that McDonald’s decided to hold a promo for frontliners during the weekend of National Heroes Day. The fast food chain wanted to take the special day as an opportunity to honor the frontliners who have been hard at work since the pandemic began.

These include workers from many fields, such as medical workers, emergency responders, bank employees, and delivery riders. The fast food chain generously included as many fields as they could, so this promo covers frontliners from any industry you can think of.

How frontliners can claim their free McDonald’s

Free McDonald’s for frontliners - mcdo app
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Frontliners can claim their free food through dine-in, takeout, and drive-thru at any physical McDonald’s store any time during operating hours. Frontliners can also order through the McDonald’s App using an e-coupon.

Free McDonald’s for frontliners - printoutFrontliners can claim their free food using their active ID cards
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Ara Cruz

All frontliners need to do is to present the deal coupon along with their active ID card as proof that they are frontliners. Each frontliner can claim their free food once during the whole promo period.

Be considerate towards COVID-19 frontliners

Frontliners are sacrificing a lot to be at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19. The McDonald’s promo is one of the many rewards that they deserve to get for working so hard – but more importantly, they deserve our respect and co-operation as we fight the pandemic together.

And though we like to call them heroes, let’s not forget that they are also just humans. These humans have their own lives to live and families to feed, so the least we can do to help them is stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Hopefully, soon, they can go home without having to worry about a thing, too.

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