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Designers Create Limited-Edition T-Shirts You Can Buy To Help Struggling Metro Manila Bars & Restos

Limited-edition Manila Takeout t-shirts up for sale 

As the pandemic stretches on, more and more business establishments are struggling as customers dwindle, causing staff to lose their income. 

This includes some of Metro Manila’s established bars and restaurants such as The Bowery in BGC, The Curator, and Oto. As a way to help these struggling bars and restaurants around the metro, Manila Takeout, a project that pays tribute to these beloved places through T-shirts for sale, was born.

Manila Takeout t-shirts - Route 196
Route 196
Image credit: @route196rocks 

Proceeds will be given to servers and staff

Led by friends Audrey Mooney and Monica Magsanoc in collaboration with various Filipino artists and local F&B outlets, Manila Takeout is selling limited-edition T-shirts inspired by beloved restaurants and bars in the metro. 100% of the proceeds will be given to the servers and staff of the featured spots. 

Manila Takeout t-shirts - Today x Future
Today x Future’s Cubao location which is now up for lease
Image adapted from:@todayxfuture 

T-shirts inspired by Route 196 and Today x Future are now available

Currently, T-shirts inspired by The Bowery in BGC, The Curator, and Oto in Makati, that are struggling but still open to serve customers via deliveries and pick-ups, are available in the Takeout Instagram shop.

You can also get farewell shirts that pay tribute to the popular nightspots such as the recently-closed Route 196 and Today x Future, that were released on August 23. Each shirt sells at P850 (~USD17.50) and is available for two weeks. 

Takeout only started on July 5, but has already featured 13 T-shirts to date.

Manila Takeout t-shirts - Route 196
Image credit: @manila_takeout

The T-shirt inspired by Quezon City’s Route 196, designed by Rob Cham, is printed with scenes of the bar’s crowd in better, busier days.

Manila Takeout t-shirts - Today x Future
Image credit: @manila_takeout

The Today x Future tee is designed with geometrical prints by Bad Student, a local, independent Risograph art press and studio. 

Supporting local bars and restaurants during COVID-19

It’s sad that our favorite bars and restaurants are struggling to stay afloat while COVID-19 is still around. But while we can’t yet go back to enjoying the nightlife scene soon, thankfully, there are fund-raising projects such as Takeout for us to show our support to staff from these beloved places filled with special memories with our friends and loved ones. 

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Cover image adapted from: @manila_takeout, @todayxfuture