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New Filipino Spiderman Parody By Super Bayani Features Teleserye Music, SFX & Camera Work

Filipino Spiderman parody

Move over, Spiderman: No Way Home. A Filipino Spiderman parody is taking over the local social media sphere with 2.5 million views and counting.

The ~4-minute video is filled with Filipino teleserye references, including background music, sound effects, and camera work that’s commonly seen in our local TV shows, which makes it a quick, fun watch for Filipino speakers, Marvel fans or not.

Peter becomes Pedro

Filipino Spiderman Parody - Pedro
The Filipino Spiderman, Pedro
Image credit: Super Bayani

The video was created by Andre Julitan, the 20-year old behind the Facebook and YouTube pages Super Bayani that’s known for animations inspired by current events and pop culture trends.

In his Filipino Spiderman parody, the main character Peter Parker became Pedro, who’s not to be confused with Pinoy superhero Pedro Penduko.

While MJ is still MJ, it’s still very Filipino, given our inclination to use the initials of someone’s first name as a nickname. In the Philippines, it’s common to have cousins named BJ, TJ, CJ, EJ, RJ, and many more.

Green Goblin, or Berdeng Goblin, is part of the Filipino Spiderman parody cast, too. In true low-cost cosplay fashion, he wears what’s seemingly a Santa’s elf costume and washed-out green face makeup, which only adds to the charm of the homemade video.

The teleserye-fication of Spiderman

Video source: Super Bayani

The Filipino script isn’t the only thing that makes Super Bayani’s Filipino Spiderman parody Filipino. Instead of on an alley or a busy street like the Spiderman in New York, Filipino Spiderman lands on a street inside a subdivision.

But what really makes it teleserye-like are the suspenseful music, dramatic slow-mos, and the plentiful zoom-in shots often seen in local TV series when a character stumbles upon something remotely surprising.

Of course, – spoiler alert – the teleserye Ang Probinsyano‘s iconic OST ‘Wag Ka Nang Umiyak plays in the background at the end as Pedro cradles a slain MJ, followed by Pedro shouting her name.

Filipino parodies showcasing Pinoy talents

Super Bayani’s Filipino Spiderman parody to be made or go viral. Filipinos – such as Mikey Bustos with his US pop music video parodies and the late Emman Nimedez with his K-drama parodies – have been making these videos since the early days of Facebook and YouTube.

But while their videos mostly go viral for their humor, our content creators also deserve credit for their efforts in producing and editing their Filipino parody videos.

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Cover image adapted from: Super Bayani and Super Bayani