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Pawfee Bean in Caloocan Is A Cafe, Pet Salon, & Vet Clinic That Offers Free Deworming On Wednesdays

Vet clinic-slash-cafe in Caloocan

Looking for something to do as you wait for your pet to be groomed can be a recurring problem for many fur parents. Even if you do find a place to kill time, you might still find yourself making unplanned purchases.

Good news for fur parents in the metro – Pawfee Bean in Caloocan lets you get your pets groomed or checked up, and gives you a place to stay at the same time. Besides being a vet clinic, pet salon, and many more, the space also houses a cafe that serves a variety of wallet-friendly drinks, snacks, and meals.

Variety of pet grooming services

Pawfee Bean - pet salon
Golden retriever Kobe getting his nails clipped
Image credit: @goldenkobe.diaries

To cater for all of your pets’ grooming needs, Pawfee Bean offers a wide range of services. For instance, your fur baby can get a regular bath (starts at P150, ~USD2.93) or a medicated bath (starts at P600, ~USD11.74) that’s good for pets with skin conditions.

For your fur baby to look extra dapper, the salon also offers full grooming which involves bathing, brushing, and nail clipping. A full groom starts at P450 (~USD8.80) for small cats and dogs.

Pet grooming services are available at Pawfee Bean from Mondays through Fridays from 9AM to 6PM.

Veterinary clinic offering free anti-rabies and deworming shots

Pawfee Bean - veterinary clinic
aspin (indegenous dog breed) gets an anti-rabies shot so he can continue being a good boy
Image credit: @pawfeebean

You can also go to Pawfee Bean for your pet’s veterinary care. Besides check-ups, they also do skin and blood tests and ultrasonography.

Your pets can also get their anti-rabies and deworming shots at the clinic which they currently offer for free on Wednesdays.

Pawfee Bean’s clinic is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10AM to 7PM. To keep up with schedule changes and new promos, you can follow the cafe’s Facebook page.

Pet needs store

Pawfee Bean - pet needs store
You can also shop for pet care needs at Pawfee Bean

Image credit: @pawfeebean

Pawfee Bean also has a pet shop where you can buy pet food, treats, vitamins, and other pet care needs.

In case you’re too busy to drop by, you can also have pet supplies delivered. Just send Pawfee Bean a message or give them a call through one of their contact numbers, and their delivery personnel will bring your pet care needs to your doorstep.

Besides having a veterinary clinic, pet salon, and pet needs store, Pawfee Bean also has a pet hotel for when you’re going out of town and need a trustworthy place to leave your pets.

Cafe for hoomans and pets

Pawfee Bean - tapsilog
Image credit: @pawfeebean

For fur parents, Pawfee Bean serves classic coffee offerings such as espresso- and cold brew-based drinks as well as coffee in unique flavors such as cheesecake, and coco shortbread. For non-coffee drinkers, they have frappes and milk tea. Their drinks go from P30 to P160 (~USD0.59 to USD3.13).

You can get waffles and pancakes with your choice of drink or mozzarella sticks, fish and chips, and fries, if you’re craving something savory.

If you need something more filling, the cafe also serves have silog meals (P120, ~USD2.35), chicken Parmigiana (P175, ~USD3.42), and smoked baby back ribs (P350, ~USD6.85).

Pawfee Bean - pupcake
Pupcakes and treats for fur babies
Image credit: @pawfeebean

For your pets, meanwhile, the cafe offers adorable pupcakes iced with images of different dog breeds.

This pet-friendly cafe is open from 8AM to 10PM daily and you’re welcome to dine even if your fur baby doesn’t have an appointment or you don’t have any pets. You can also get their food and drink items delivered by sending them a text or giving them a call.

Dedicated study area for dedicated fur parents

Pawfee Bean - study area
Books at the study area

Image credit: @pawfeebeans

Pawfee Bean also has you covered in case you or your fur baby has separation anxiety but you need to report to work or study online. They have a covered study area that helps you get some work done without getting distracted by cafe-goers or salon clients.

You can also use their study area for some quiet time even if you’re not studying or working. They have a shelf full of books in different genres which you are free to read.

Pawfee Bean takes care of  both fur babies and fur parents

Pawfee Bean in Caloocan is surely a unique space, being a cafe, vet clinic, pet salon,  pet needs store, and pet hotel rolled in one.

However, while we don’t normally see dining spots and pet care businesses in one roof, fur parents will surely appreciate the convenience that Pawfee Bean provides.

Address: 40 JYC Building, Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, Caloocan City, Metro Manila
Opening hours:
8AM-10PM, Daily
0938 250 8700 | 0927 778 7270 | 8682 4042
Pawfee Bean’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @pawfeebean and @goldenkobe.diaries