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BLOC Camp Site In Laguna Offers Tiny Cube Houses That You Can Rest & Work Remotely In

BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti, Laguna

Tiny houses are getting trendy these days, as homeowners become more attuned to the benefits of a simpler, minimalist lifestyle. And while you might have initially thought that these tiny houses are only a thing abroad, campsites such as BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti, Laguna have now introduced tiny house glamping so you can have a unique staycation experience or work surrounded by nature. 

Situated on top of a mountain and surrounded by Sierra Lake, the BLOC Camp Site lets you experience the simple life inside stylish, tiny cube houses in four different sizes. Each house has every item you need for a convenient stay- from power outlets to Wi-Fi to comfy beds. 

Cube T-Houses and Slim T-Houses can accommodate up to 4 guests

BLOC Camp Site - Cube T-House A
Cube T-House A
Image adapted from: Airbnb 

The biggest among the houses, the Cube T-House (P2,285, ~USD47.50 per night) can accommodate up to 4 guests. This is also your best option if you’re planning to get some work done, as it has a dedicated workspace.

BLOC Camp Site - The living room (left) and bedroom (right) of Cube T-House AThe living room (left) and bedroom (right) of Cube T-House A
Image adapted from: Airbnb

The bedroom is situated on Cube T-House A’s upper deck, and the cube house even has air-conditioning  forP300 (~USD6.24) per hour.

BLOC Camp Site - Slim T-House
Slim T-House
Image adapted from: Airbnb

The Slim T-House (P2,142, ~USD44.53 per night) is your best bet if you prefer a narrower space. Slightly smaller than the Cube T-House, it can also welcome up to 4 guests and has one bedroom.

The Airy T-House is good for 2

BLOC Camp Site - Airy T-House
Airy T-House
Image credit: Airbnb 

For couples, the Airy T-House (P1,785, ~USD37.11) is good for 2. It has one bedroom, and while it’s not as spacious as the Cube and Slim T-Houses, you’ll have a nice view of the Sierra Lake while inside these houses instead.

The Cube T-House is the most minimalist

BLOC Camp Site - Tube T-HouseTube T-House
Image adapted from: Airbnb

Minimalists would love to check out the Tube T-House (P1,785, ~USD37.11 per night), as it’s the simplest house among the rest. Also good for 2, it’s a space stripped down to your most functional needs, from a power outlet to a spacious workspace – because there’s no actual bed inside.

BLOC Camp Site - Tube T-House
Interior of Tube T-House
Image adapted from: Airbnb

Upon request, the campsite can provide you with a floor mattress with a soft bed sheet, blanket, and pillows for fuss-free sleep.

You can also now stay at their tiny houses on a farm

BLOC Camp Site - Farm T-HouseFarm T-House
Image adapted from: Farm T-House

And if you want to get closer to nature, they have also just introduced their Farm T-Houses (from P2,143, ~USD 44.55 per night). You’ll live near animals such as goats and rabbits, greet, and even get permission from the owners to feed them in the morning, as the houses here are situated on a farm. The Farm T-Houses also have four variants, from cube to slim to airy and tube sizes. 

BLOC Camp Site - Farm
Feeding the goats at the Farm T-House
Image credit: Airbnb 

Tiny house living at BLOC Camp Site

Our everyday lives can get so messy that all we need is an escape to nature for a well-earned mental break. Fortunately, BLOC’s tiny houses offer us a quiet, simple way of living in a campsite surrounded by green spaces. 

BLOC Camp Site
Address: Brgy. Bukal, Bukal-Cansuso Road, Cavinti 4013, Laguna
Mobile: 0936 969 9644

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