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Lazada Rider Marries Daughter Of Frequent Online Shopper, Proving That Love Is Just Around The Corner

Lazada rider marries daughter of frequent online shopper

For some of us single pringles, finding love can be difficult. But for newlyweds Jhasin May Benito and Marlon Cajucom, a delivery rider from Lazada, of Asingan, Pangasinan, it seems like love, after all, can be just like a parcel waiting at your doorstep.  

With the help of Benito’s mom, Mary Grace Benito, who has been Cajucom’s frequent customer since October, the couple were able to get to know each other and tied the knot on 26th January, proving that love may be just around the corner even in a pandemic.

How their love story began

Delivery rider Lazada - How Cajucom met Benito
Image credit: Pio Asingan

The romantic meeting of the newlyweds happened during one of Cajucom’s delivery stops at the Benito residence, when Mary Grace benito had asked him why he was out delivering so late. 

“One time nakapagdeliver po ako sa kanila, late na. Nagulat sila, nagtataka sila na late na nagdedeliver pa ako noong time na yun. Natanong ako ni Mama Grace kung may asawa na ako,” Cajucom said.

(One time I delivered to their house, [and] it was late. They were surprised, wondering why I was still making deliveries since it was already late at night. Mama Grace [then] happened to ask me if I already have a wife.)

Mrs. Benito was amazed by Cajucom’s persistence

Delivery rider Lazada - Cajucom and Benito's weddingJhasin May Benito and Marlon Cajucom
Image credit: Pio Asingan

He answered he had none, to the surprise of Mary Grace Benito, who wondered why Cajucom had been so hardworking when he didn’t have a family to feed yet. 

“Sabi ko wala pa po. Bakit daw ang sipag sipag ko eh wala pa naman daw ako binubuhay, ang sagot ko po noong time na yun kasama ko po sa pangarap yung magpursige buhay,”  Cajucom added. 

(I said that I didn’t have [a wife]. Mama Grace asked me then why I was so hardworking when I still don’t have a family to feed. I answered that part of my goal in life is to work hard.)

The exchange prompted Mary Grace to introduce her daughter Jhasin Benito to the hardworking rider. 

The two got to know each other well after five parcel deliveries

Delivery rider Lazada - Cajucom and Benito's weddingImage credit: Pio Asingan 

Since then, Benito and Cajucom were able to get to know each other well after Cajucom’s five rounds of parcel deliveries to the Benito house. And according to Jhasin, Cajucom is different from her past boyfriends, as he is caring and hardworking. 

“Sa ibang ex ko kasi siya talaga yung mararamdaman mo talagang yung care niya tapos talagang pursigido po siya. Sobrang effort po siya noong nanliligaw siya sa akin kahit sobrang busy siya, nagdedeliver [pa rin] ng flower sa bahay tsaka ramdam mo naman talaga yung love,” according to Jhasin. 

(Compared to my ex-boyfriends, you will really feel how he cares for you and how he is hardworking. He put so much effort when he was courting me. Even though he’s busy, he was still delivering flowers to our house, and [I] really [felt] the love.) 

From their encounters, love was able to bloom between them, and the rest is indeed history.

He didn’t expect she would give him attention

According to Cajucom, he didn’t expect that his future wife would even pay attention to him. But he was surprised when the seemingly aloof lady turned out to be kind and approachable. 

“Kahit sa panaginip kako, sabi ko hindi ko naman inexpect na papasinin ako nito [Jhasin]. Actually yun po talagang nasa isip ko na hindi ako papansinin nito sabi ko kasi maganda, mukhang hindi sanay magtrabaho, nagulat din ako na napakabait din niya napakaapproachable naman po madaling lapitan madaling kausapin,” Cajucom said. 

(Even in my dreams, I didn’t expect that [Jhasin] would pay attention to me. But in reality, that was [also] actually what was on my mind, that she wouldn’t pay attention to me, because she’s beautiful, and she seems like she’s not used to working. I was also shocked [when] she turned out to be so kind [and] approachable, easy to approach, [and] easy to talk to.)

Finding love through her mom’s online shopping habit

It can be frustrating for some to find love, especially today when we’re at home most of the time due to the pandemic.

But the story of Benito and Cajucom indeed gives us hope that even in the most random encounters, love is still possible.

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Cover image adapted from: Pio Asingan, Pio Asingan