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Tikas Grooming Lounge, Caloocan Has A Bar & Mani-Pedi So Your Significant Other Doesn’t Get Bored

Tikas Grooming Lounge – for men and their SOs

There are times when you will find yourself stuck in a barbershop waiting while your significant other is having a haircut. Thankfully, there are 2-in-1 places where you – and your SO – can do more than just wait for your turn.

If you’re looking for a barbershop that offers more than just a haircut, head to Tikas Grooming Lounge in Caloocan – where your significant other won’t get bored while sitting in the waiting area.

Bar and lounge

Tikas Grooming Lounge - bar and lounge
Image credit: Tikas Grooming Lounge

Unlike your usual barbershops, Tikas Grooming Lounge has a waiting lounge and a bar that offers a wide range of drinks such as coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Image adapted from: Tikas Grooming Lounge, Tikas Grooming Lounge

For light day drinking, go for a colorful Tequila Sunrise (P100, ~USD1.82) or a tropical Gin Paradise (P100, ~USD1.82). If you want a quick dose of caffeine, you can try their recommended drinks, White Mocha and Caramel Macchiato, from P110 (~USD2.01) each.

Alternatively, the bar offers fruit juices and sodas if you have younger guests tagging along.  Now, you can simply relax and chill at the waiting lounge with a tasty drink in hand instead of biding the time in silence.

Mani-pedi services for men and women

Tikas Grooming Lounge - mani-pedi and massages
Image adapted from: Tikas Grooming Lounge, Tikas Grooming Lounge

Aside from the drinks, you can get yourself a mani-pedi while your partner is being groomed. The lounge offers manicures (P200, ~USD3.65), pedicures (P230, ~USD4.19), and even foot  and chair massages (P350, ~USD6.38/20min & P400, ~USD7.29/30min respectively) for a spa-like experience.

They also have packages of these services so you can get the most out of your money. For instance, you can get a mani-pedi, foot spa, and foot massage for just P1,000 (~USD18.23).

Elegant barbershop

Tikas Grooming Lounge - elegant interior
Image credit: Tikas Grooming Lounge

Despite the high-class and elegant interior, the barbershop gives a comfortable ambiance where guests can just walk in, relax at the lounge, and enjoy a drink as they wait their turn.

Better yet, bring your significant other and enjoy a relaxing time waiting together. This men’s barbershop is certainly not just for men.

Skin care and hair products for men

Tikas Grooming Lounge - skin care for men
Tikas Basic Duo Set (left) and Premium Set (right).
Image adapted from: Tikas, Tikas

Men won’t need to look further if they’re interested in trying out skin care. Not only does the barbershop offer hair styling products, they also offer a simple skin care line comprising facial cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers.

If you’re just starting out, you can get the Basic Duo Set (P725, ~USD13.22) that consists of a cleanser and a moisturizer. For advanced skin care users, opt for the Premium Set (P1,279, ~USD23.32) that adds in a toner and a serum for a complete routine.

hair styling products
Tikas Sea Salt Texture Spray (left) and Unorthodox Pomade (right).
Image adapted from: Tikas, Tikas

You can also check out some of their hair products such as the Sea Salt Texture Spray (P329, ~USD6) or Unorthodox Pomade (P445, ~USD8.12) for sleek, stylish hair.

Tikas Grooming Lounge in Caloocan

Visit Tikas Grooming Lounge in Caloocan, a place where both you and your partner will be satisfied with haircuts, massages, foot spas and drinks.

You will leave with a fresh look and a SO who has enjoyed her time.

Address: Unit 2A, Caimito Place, Caimito Rd, South, Caloocan
Opening hours: 10am-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0926 024 7916 | Tikas’ website
Email: [email protected]

Tikas Grooming Lounge’s Facebook | Instagram

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