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Rabiya Mateo Wows Like A VS Angel In Filipino Flag-Inspired Costume At Miss Universe

Rabiya Mateo’s Miss Universe national costume

The 69th Miss Universe pageant has just held its National Costume event, hosted on 13th May EDT in Hollywood, Florida by reigning Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi and writer and producer Nick Teplitz. 

And Rabiya Mateo, our very own bet, was no less than stunning in her Philippine-flag inspired costume.

Mateo strutted like an Angel in her Philippine-flag inspired costume

Rabiya Mateo Miss Universe CostumeImage credit: Miss Universe

Strutting confidently like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Mateo wore her Philippine flag with pride – as a one-piece suit adorned with wings, made by Filipino designer Rocky Gathercole. 

During a backstage interview, Mateo herself said that she felt like a “Victoria’s Secret Angel.” She definitely radiated like an Angel on stage after owning her walk like a true queen!

Rabiya Mateo Miss Universe CostumeImage credit: Miss Universe 

During the live show, Teplitz described Mateo’s costume as “inspired by the Philippine flag. The blue represents royalty, red stands for the courage and strength of an independent woman, and yellow, the color of the sun and stars symbolizes hope and freedom, to choose who you want to be.”

She was supposed to wear a headpiece too

Rabiya Mateo Miss Universe CostumeImage adapted from: @manny.halasan, The Philippine Pageantry 

Designer Manny Halasan had actually also created a golden headpiece decked with crystals that was supposed to be paired with Mateo’s costume. However, it didn’t make it to the show because it had been found “too big” for her head. Nevertheless, Halasan said on his Instagram post that he always believes in perfect timing. 

“I always believe in perfect timing. If it is not yet for you, let time and experience make you better and excellent. There is a time for everything,” he said. 

Rabiya Mateo’s national costume

Mateo indeed showcased the Philippines in the most patriotic and enchanting way possible – by wearing the colors of the Philippine flag through a winged one-piece suit.

We can only expect the best from her at the upcoming Miss Universe preliminary show tomorrow!

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Cover image adapted from: Miss Universe