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Tipanan Restaurant In Tagaytay Is A Filipino Food Spot With Japandi Tropical Resort Vibes

Chic Filipino restaurant in Tagaytay

For Metro Manila residents who often want a quick break from the big city, Tagaytay is always a convenient destination. Those who travel there frequently may already have their favorite restaurants.

If you’re looking for a refreshing restaurant to try out, though, you should check out Tipanan Restaurant. The place has a chic, Japandi-tropical interior but still serves familiar Filipino flavors.

Japandi interior

Tipanan Restaurant - Japandi interior
The restaurant’s Japandi interior
Image credit: @geeordana

The Filipino restaurant has a modern Japanese-Scandinavian interior that makes every corner Instagram-worthy.

It has white walls and wooden wall panels, made with light-colored wood, that are easy on the eyes. Wooden chairs and tables and woven bamboo light fixtures also tie the interior’s theme together.

Tropical resort vibes

Tipanan Restaurant - tropical mural
The restaurant’s murals give it a tropical resort vibe

Image credit: @caristhefoodie

To give it a Filipino feel, tropical design is also incorporated in the restaurant’s interior. On Tipanan Restaurant’s vast feature wall are murals of tropical leaves painted by a team of local artists.

Tipanan Restaurant - Japandi tropical interior
Another area of the restaurant
Image credit: @caristhefoodie

Patterned floor tiles also add a splash of color to the usual muted Japandi tones.

Serves Filipino recipes

Bulares is one of the restaurant’s unique menu offerings
Image credit: @tipananresto_hortzhotels

While Tipanan Restaurant’s interior might suggest otherwise, this dining spot serves Filipino flavors.

Their bulares (P465, ~USD9.22) is a cross between the well-loved dishes bulalo (bone-in beef shank soup) and pares (braised beef stew). They also have stir-fried prawns in salted egg sauce (P760, ~USD15.06) and pinakbet (P320, ~USD6.34), sauteed veggies in shrimp paste.

Tipanan Restaurant - krispy halo halo
Krispy halo-halo
Image adapted from: @tipananresto_hortzhotels

For dessert, the place offers Filipino Christmas favorites such as bibingka (coconut rice cake) and puto bumbong (purple rice cake) year-round.

However, their krispy halo-halo (P200, ~USD3.96) is something everyone should try. It takes the components of the classic Filipino shaved ice dessert – sans the ice – and turns it into a delightful fried treat.

Kids are welcome to dine in

Tipanan Restaurant - pets allowed
Pets are also allowed inside the restaurant

Image credit: @ninidestura

You can share Tipanan Restaurant’s unique dining experience with your family members. Kids and seniors are allowed to dine inside.

Just take note that seniors need to be vaccinated to dine inside the restaurant, so make sure that your elderly family members bring their vaccination cards.

Pets are also allowed inside the restaurant as long as they are wearing diapers.

Tipanan Restaurant is your next dining destination in Tagaytay

With its chic interiors and impressive Filipino menu, Tipanan Restaurant is worth checking out on your next visit to Tagaytay.

For inquiries or reservations, message them on Facebook, Viber, or WhatsApp or give them a call via landline.

Address: Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Opening hours: 7AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: (02) 85194757, 0919 078 2946 (Viber), 0945 275 8401 (WhatsApp)
Tipanan Restaurant’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @tipananresto_hortzhotels and @caristhefoodie