Online stores with nightgowns and sleepwear

For fashion-forward people, one of the best things about going outside is styling outfits. Be it catching a movie with friends, going on a date, or running errands, any time is a chance to look cute.

However, because of the quarantine period we’re in that seems to stretch on forever, our thrifted pieces and locally-produced clothes have had to take a long hibernation in our closets. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up while at home. Take your loungewear to a whole new level with these online stores that provide fancy pambahay, including nightgowns and sleepwear.

1. ZIYA – locally-inspired patterned dasters and ternos

ziya sleepwear daster dress
Sky lounge dress for P700 (~USD14.55)

Image credit: @ziyastyle

Pambahay doesn’t get any more Filipino than dasters and ternos. The ones from ZIYA come in the cutest prints inspired by local patterns such as rayon and batik – perfect for those who want their PJs to have a touch of Philippine culture.

ziya sleepwear matching set
Azure set for P700 (~USD14.55)
Image credit: @ziyastyle

The dasters and ternos vary from P500 (~USD10.40) to P800 (~USD16.63) depending on the design. Their store also sells other locally-inspired products such as home necessities and jewelry. 


2. Silk St. by E&A – couple silk pajamas to match with the jowa

silk st by e&a matching couple sleepwear
Image credit:

For those who are lucky enough to have someone to call their significant other, well, sana all. And if you’re the type of couple to look all cute with matchy pajamas, you can get a pair from Silk St. by E&A.

They have silk pajamas that you can wear to match with your jowa, whether you’re living under one roof or having a cute pajama date via video call. They cost (P550-P600, ~USD11.44-USD12.48) a pair, and come in red, blue, pink, and green. You can even have the back embroidered with your quirky nicknames for each other for a more personal touch, for (P120, ~USD2.50)


3. Love, Jane – lounge bras for when regular bras get boring

bra without underwire by love, jane
Image credit:

Bra underwires can be the bane of a lady’s existence, so during the quarantine period, most of us grew accustomed to going braless and freeing the nip. However, if you’re someone who prefers a little chest support, you can check out Love, Jane’s lounge bras.

These comfy, camisole-like tops come padded, so you don’t need to wear a separate bra underneath. They also look like cute crop tops that you could definitely pair with jeans and wear out for errands – a 2-in-1 pambahay and lakwatsa top for P249 (~USD5.18).


4. Private Storey – for a full fancy pambahay outfit

 private storey sleepwear set with headband
Image credit:

We’ve all been staying home for so long, most likely in our ratty and baggy sweats and shirts. If you want to change it up a bit and look like a walking loungewear catalogue, try shopping at Private Storey.

Apart from having fancy pambahay staples such as silk robes, camis, nightgowns, and pajamas (from P680, ~USD14.15), they also sell accessories to match them. These include sleeping masks, scrunchies, and headbands from P140 (~USD2.91) – so you can wear a fancy ensemble at home from head to toe.


5. The Calli Collective – comfy camisole sets

the calli collective nightwear
Image credit:

There’s barely anything comfier and more breathable than a camisole set, and The Calli Collective has perfected them to a T.

With their new collection, CMFRT, The Calli Collective makes a shift from their usual outdoor dresses, tops, and pants into more pambahay-friendly pieces. Their cami sets start from P900 (~USD18.73), and come in aesthetically-pleasing colors such as olive green, peach, and royal blue.


6. Morning Clothing – tie-dye dresses and sets

morning clothing tie-dye pambahay
Image credit:

There were many “quaranthings” that trended over the past few months, one of them being tie-dye. If you want to spice up your loungewear with a little tie-dye, visit Morning Clothing for a variety of hippie era-inspired clothes. 

They’ve got everything in tie-dye – from dresses to sweaters to sweatpants to to crop tops – all from P360 ~(USD7.49). These pieces also come in different colors that you can choose from, such as pink, mauve, sky blue, purple, and grey.


7. Cad.Mnl – nightgowns and sleepwear with quirky patterns

cad.mnl cartoon nightwear
Image credit:

If the regular plain or plaid pajamas are too boring for you, check out Cad.Mnl. Their wide array of patterned pajamas might be just the store for you to get your loungewear from. 

Cad.Mnl’s pajamas makes loungewear unique by producing pajama sets with quirky and colorful patterns (prices upon request), such as flowers, animals, fruit, and even popular cartoon characters such as Cookie Monster and Rilakkuma. They also come in either long pants or shorts if you prefer one over the other.


8. Oyasumi Clothing – nightgowns and sleepwear for your K-drama fantasies

oyasumi clothing nightdress
Image credit:

The K-wave current is going strong, if Filipinos editing their Korean idols into local university togas and taking online Korean language classes is anything to go by. Another way Filipinos show their Korean obsession is by following their style, even at home.

Oyasumi Clothing produces loungewear that are up to par with Seo Ye Ji’s in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. Their Chloe nightgown (P1,299, ~USD27.04) even looks like something straight out of the Korean drama. They also have other loungewear such as lace-trimmed pajama sets and co-ords from P970 (~USD20.19) that are worth a look.


9. Essentiel Manila – loungewear you can wear outside

essentiel manila sleepwear sets
Image credit:

Some days we just wanna step out of our usual worn out pambahay and step into something a little more appropriate for the public. Essentiel Manila’s pieces are a perfect balance between the two.

Their co-ords were made with the thought of the wearer’s comfort, from their crop-top-and-shorts sets to the sweater-and-sweatpants combo. So even though these are clothes you can wear out on a trip to the grocery store, they’re also comfy enough to wear while lounging around the house. They’re affordable too, starting at only P99 (~USD2.06) a set. 


10. Little Maeden – matchy family pajamas

 little maeden
Image credit:
Little Maeden

Wearing fancy nightgowns and sleepwear isn’t something exclusive to us oldies – kids can definitely join in the fun too. Little Maeden makes sure your kids get their own pair of silk pajamas.

The kids’ pajamas come in blue, pink, black, and white and so do the pajamas for adults, so you can definitely throw a family matchy-matchy movie night or game night – imagine all the cute photos! The kids’ pajamas start at P1,199 (~USD24.96) a set and the adults’ pajamas start at P1,399 (~USD29.12)


Nightgowns and sleepwear to add to your pambahay collection

There may have been much fewer opportunities to dress up and strut your stuff in this 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself while at home. Take your pick from these online stores that sell fancy pambahay such as nightgowns and sleepwear, and stay in style.

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