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Filipinos Are Editing Korean Idols Into Filipino University Togas, And Pinoy K-Fans Are Living For It

Korean idols as Filipino university students

A huge chunk of the Filipino population has gone down the rabbit hole of Korean dramas and K-pop. With high quality production, unique storylines, and idols who are more than easy on the eyes, Korean content has easily infiltrated our entertainment scene.

And really, with all the creative fanart K-fans have drawn of our idols and all the time on our hands because of the pandemic, this was bound to happen – Filipinos are showing off their Pinoy pride by editing photos of their favorite Korean idols to make them look like students of popular Philippine universities. We gotta say they look legit.

University togas on Korean idols

exo in barongs and UP sablayImage credit: Chris Ann Yap

It seems like we’re finally over editing our Korean idols into memes and viral photos. Filipinos have moved on to the next level, which is editing their idols into popular Filipino university togas.

park chanyeol in a university graduation gownImage adapted from: @sundaesuho

Most of the universities in the edits are of the Big Four – University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and University of Santo Tomas – the four universities that made it onto Quacquarelli Symonds’ world university rankings in 2016.

Photoshopped K-idol images help us imagine their university lives

jackson wang in a university togaImage credit: Zeus Soriano

Because being extra is in our nature, we didn’t stop at editing photos. Some Filipinos have also imagined what kind of lives their idols would have lived if they actually went to these universities – from organizations they’d join to courses they’d take to their yearbook quotes. 

For example, fans of EXO’s Chanyeol believe that he’d be one of Ateneo’s cool hypebeast boys studying 20 different majors and minors.

Fans know their idols by heart, so these fantasies might not be so far off. Plus, it’s interesting to get to know these artists in the context of our local culture, and in references that we understand.

Netizens even offered a quick Photoshop edit tutorial

screenshot of ibis paintImage credit: Zeus Soriano

If you want to know how to do your own edits, Zeus Soriano posted a video tutorial on Facebook that you can easily follow.

In a 5-minute video, he shows how to use two phone apps – ibis Paint and Remini – to edit your own Korean idol grad pics. The steps are firstly to save an existing graduation photo from your preferred university, next to use the erase tool to make the toga a faceless canvas, then to add in your fave’s picture.

The simple, easy-to-follow tutorial will have you editing your own fan edits in no time.

Find ways to localize your hobbies

Although we Filipinos love to look to different countries for entertainment, we shouldn’t forget to be proud of our own culture too – just like how these Pinoy Korean stans added in a little local magic into their Korean-centric hobbies through photo edits and captions. 

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Cover image adapted from: Zeus Soriano, @lalielietnini, @Aya52870627