Miniature cabinet delivery

Retail therapy is one of the many ways we cope with stressful times, and recently, most of us have taken to online shopping. Not only is it the safer and more convenient alternative to going out, but there’re also plenty of stores selling all manner of items online – from flavored pandesal snacks to active gear.

You can even find online stores that sell furniture – though online shopping for furniture isn’t exactly as simple as ordering food or groceries online, as you’ll need to check the size of the furniture you’re buying to make sure they will fit in your space. But for a woman who accidentally bought a miniature cabinet online, however, that won’t be a problem.

Online shopping gone wrong with miniature cabinet

Online shopping is always a tricky thing, because you aren’t able to physically see what you’ll get until your order has been delivered. That’s why it’s important to check and recheck the details of a product before you add it to your cart. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a surprise on your doorstep.

That’s what happened to netizen Gio Lumines’ mother who ordered a wooden cabinet online, from online shopping website Lazada. Thinking approximately P700 (~USD14.31) was a good deal for a cabinet, she ordered it expecting a human-sized cabinet that she could actually use.

miniature cabinet - lumines' fb post
Image credit:
Gio Lumines

However, to their surprise, a small box came in the mail instead of a furniture truck. In his viral Facebook post, Lumines points out that his mom accidentally ordered a miniature cabinet just about the size of his palm. So much for the extra storage.

Netizens’ own miniature furniture fails

miniature cabinet - netizen's mini cabinet
Another miniature cabinet for P1,500 (~USD30.67)

Image adapted from: Adrian Reyes

Amassing almost 5,500 comments, the post became a hub for netizens who experienced their own online shopping fails. Plenty came forward with photos of their own miniature items – one had also bought a miniature cabinet for twice the price Lumines’ mom paid.

miniature cabinet - miniature sewing machine
Miniature sewing machine

Image adapted from: Hannah Dejiga

Other than similar online shopping fails, others also chimed in with their own miniature objects as a joke. The replies are filled with different items from mini cookware to mini sewing machines to mini weighing scales. If you’re into miniature things, the post’s comment section will be a haven for you.

Shop online carefully

In these times of ordering everything through apps and websites, and putting your faith in these online shops, it’s important to be cautious about what you’re buying. 

Be it clothes, food, or furniture, always check the product description and details to make sure of what you’re paying for. But if all else fails, you could always post your online shopping fail on Facebook and get a couple of laughs out of it.

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Cover image adapted from: Gio Lumines

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