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Midoriyama Ramen Bistro In Rizal: Al Fresco Dining Space Overlooking A City Skyline

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro

Most of the time, Japanese restaurants have a common setup where everything inside follows a traditional Japanese theme. However, it’s seldom that we see Japanese restaurants that offer al fresco dining.

Visit Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Tanay, Rizal, where you can enjoy Japanese food outdoors with a skyline view.

Nature and Japanese style

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Rizal - entrance
Image credit: @rbalasta

As you arrive, you’ll see a signage surrounded in greenery as you go down a set of stairs toward the bistro. Also, you’ll find that the exteriors resemble a Japanese house’s door, with wood and frosted glass.

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Rizal - inside the restaurant
Image credit: Ax Gal

Once inside, the entire space is open and sunny, with long bar tables and bar stools. The ceiling lights at night and the glass barriers makes the place look modern and spacious.

Al fresco dining space with skyline view

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Rizal - al fresco
Image credit: @denessecover

This is a great place for nature lovers who enjoy breathing in the breeze. There’s no need for air conditioning or fans as the space is surrounded with greenery.

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Rizal - al fresco with a view
Image credit: @denessecover

Thanks to the glass barriers, you can enjoy the entire city skyline and forest view. Also, it’s a perfect spot to take aesthetic photos to post on social media.

Variety of Japanese dishes and drinks

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Rizal - eat ramen with a view
Image credit: @lucy_orange

To amp up your dining experience, sit at the bar table by the glass barriers to get a full view of the entire skyline as you enjoy a hot bowl of ramen.

Japanese food
Image credit: @aaxelleanne

You can choose from a variety of Japanese ramen and donburi such as Tantanmen ramen (P290, ~USD5.55) and Chicken Katsudon (P210, ~USD4.02). Additionally, you can request for add-ons from tamago (soft boiled egg) (P20, ~USD.38), extra noodles (P50, ~USD.96), and chashu (pork belly) (P80, ~USD1.53).

tea drink
Image credit: Anya Galang

After eating a hefty meal, you can try their Ternatea (P100, ~USD1.91) that can help with your digestion – and that looks pleasing to the eye.

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro in Rizal

So if you’re both a Japanese food and nature lover, visit Midoriyama Rame Bistro in Rizal where you get the best of both worlds – enjoying ramen, don, or gyoza with an excellent view of nature.

Address: Basement Level, Cuyambay X, Marikina Infanta Hway corner Kaminawis St. 1980 Tanay, Rizal
Telephone: 0947 374 9874
Email: [email protected]

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from @denessecover, @aaxelleanne, and Anya Galang