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Ikigai Onsen + Villas In Pampanga: A Hotel & Restaurant That’ll Make You Feel As If You’re In Japan

Ikigai Onsen + Villas is a tribute to Japan’s style and structures

When people talk of hotels and resorts, we normally think of swimming pools or beaches, or plenty of tropical nature. Located in Magalang, Pampanga, Ikigai Onsen + Villas is a Japanese-inspired hotel and lodging that offers hot springs and traditional Japanese huts instead.

So, if you want to know what it’s like to be in Japan without leaving the country, this is the place for you.

Japanese-inspired staycation find

Ikigai Onsen + Villas In Pampanga - torii gate
Traditional torii gate at Ikigai Onsen + Villas
Image credit: Ikigai Onsen + Villas

Aside from the name, you’ll be faced with a torii (traditional Japanese gate) gate as you walk inside. It immediately introduces you to the Japanese culture incorporated in the whole place.

Relax in the onsen

Ikigai Onsen + Villas In Pampanga - onsen and plunge pool
Onsen and plunge pool
Image credit: Ikigai Onsen + Villas

The hotel and lodging comes with an onsen (Japanese hot spring) for added relaxation and detoxing, as well as a plunge pool for you to cool off in after your session in the warm water.

Stay the night in one of the Kayabuki villas

Ikigai Onsen + Villas In Pampanga - kayabuki villa
Kayabuki villa
Image credit: @ikigai_onsen

Kayabuki (thatched roof house) villas are provided for you to spend the night in after a day of leisure and comfort.

Ikigai Onsen + Villas In Pampanga - inside kayabuki villa
Inside the Kayabuki villa
Image credit: @ikigai_onsen

Inside, the interior mimics the look of most Japanese households. The lack of bed frames represent the way Japanese people sleep – lying on the floor.

The hotel and lodging requires booking appointments for the villas. The rates vary from P8,000-P14,000 (~USD153.13-USD267.98) depending on the number of villas and day. For the month of March, guests have a 20% discount if you book through this website or scan the QR code here. You can find more details and guidelines here.

Wabi Sabi Ramen Bar for authentic Japanese food

torii gate entrance to Wabi Sabi Ramen Bar
Torii gate entrance from the inside, leading to the Wabi Sabi Ramen Bar
Image credit: Ikigai Onsen + Villas

From inside, there’s also a ramen bar on-site, Wabi Sabi Ramen Bar, to satisfy your Japanese food cravings.

Wabi Sabi Ramen Bar and ramen bowl
Wabi Sabi Ramen Bar
Image credit: @praxyap and @jheng_alfonso

The ramen bar also allows walk-ins, so you can come in anytime if you’re in the area and feel like eating Japanese food – from their signature Wabi Sabi Red Ramen (P299, ~USD5.73) to Maki Rolls ranging from P199-P229 (~USD3.81-USD4.39).

If you’re staying at the villas, you can order food and dine on the tables laid out at the front.

Ikigai Onsen + Villas in Pampanga

Take a shot at Ikigai Onsen + Villas for your next staycation to relax in a hot spring and eat Japanese food. What’s more, you’ll get a refreshing cultural experience that is different from what we know and are used to.

Address: Urban 1, San Francisco, Magalang, Pampanga
Telephone: 09175717404
Email: [email protected]

Ikigai Onsen + Villas’ Facebook page | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from @ikigai_onsen, Ikigai Onsen + Villas, and Ikigai Onsen + Villas