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10 Dessert Shops in Metro Manila Open For Delivery & Take-Out To Fix Our Sugar Cravings

Dessert shops in Metro Manila open during quarantine

As we get more used to staying at home, dessert cravings are starting to grow in many of us after we’re all stocked up with the grocery basics

Good news for sweet lovers though – our favorite dessert shops have started to gradually reopen. From ice cream to cakes, the list below will guide you on 10 dessert shops in Metro Manila that are now open for deliveries and pick-ups. 

Ice cream

1. Carmen’s Best Ice Cream – ice cream with pasteurized fresh milk

Carmen’s Best Coconut ice creamCarmen’s Best Coconut ice cream
Image credit: Carmen’s Best Ice Cream 

Beloved for their ice cream from their very own fresh milk pasteurizing plant, local ice cream house Carmen’s Best Ice Cream is now here to take care of our cravings for nutritious and delicious ice cream. You can now enjoy their ice cream, known for its wide range of flavors from coconut to salted caramel, in the comfort of your home.

Step-by-step guide in ordering from Carmen's BestImage credit: Carmen’s Best Ice Cream 

Just send them a message on Facebook, Instagram, or contact them at 0917 567 2378 to inquire about the available flavors and price list during the quarantine period. After settling your payment via online bank transfer, you can pick up your ice cream or ask a third-party courier to collect your order. 

Available for delivery via: Grab, Lalamove


2. Avocadoria – avocado-flavored ice cream

Avocadoria's Avocado Cheesecake Ice Cream
Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake
Image credit:

As we begin to feel the scorching heat of the summer season, Avocadoria has fortunately begun selling their avocado-flavored tinned ice cream good for 4 persons each, so we can cool down in our homes with one of our favorite fruit flavors. 

Avocadoria delivery via Grab and Lalamove
Image credit: @avocadoriaph.official

Flavors available vary, but currently, you can spoil your palate with Avocado Cheesecake (P550, ~USD10.93), Avocado Sansrival (P600, ~USD11.92), and Avocado Dark Mocha Praline (P650, ~USD12.91). 

If you miss their signature Avocado Lover (P110, ~USD2.19/8 oz, P125, ~USD2.48/12 oz), a rich mixture of avocado soft serve, avocado slices, nuts, crushed graham crackers, flax, and chia seeds, cheer up and have a happy tummy as it is also now available. 

Available for delivery via: Grab, Lalamove
To order, click here.


3. Papa Diddi’s – handcrafted ice cream

Papa Diddi’s Choco Collection
Papa Diddi’s Choco Collection
Image credit: @papadiddis

College folks in QC, Papa Diddis is now open for pick-ups and deliveries so you can cool down with your friends together at your dorms. 

Thankfully, they also have a variety of flavors available as of writing – classics such as Tres Leches (P325, ~USD6.46/pint), and Kesong Puti (P325, ~USD6.46/pint) are on the menu. Or try their new flavor created in line with the ECQ, called the Staying Home with my Choco (price upon request). 

Papa Diddi's delivery options
Image credit: @papadiddis 

Available for delivery via: GrabFood, Foodpanda
To order, message them here.


4. Chowking – beat the heat with their classic Halo-Halo

Chowking Halo-Halo delivery
Image credit: @chowkingph

Nothing cools down the summer season like Chowking’s classic Halo-Halo (starts at P61, ~USD1.21). If scoops of ice cream aren’t enough, get your fix of the crushed ice infused with evaporated milk with a feast of toppings such as gulaman, nata de coco, banana slices, pinipig, ube, and leche flan in various branches of Chowking in the metro. 

Available for delivery via: Chowking Delivery, GrabFood, Foodpanda
For a list of branches open for delivery and take-out, click here. 


5. Scout’s Honor – camping-themed artisanal cookie shop

Scout's Honor cookies
Image credit: @scoutshonorph 

Scout’s Honor’s camps may be closed for now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the vibe of camping in our homes with their scout-inspired cookies. 

Their Cub Scout Cookies (P50, ~USD0.99 each), which includes the flavors Ultimate Chocolate Chips, White Cranberry Oatmeal, 1969, and Rocky Road, are thankfully now available for delivery and pick-up within the metro.

Scout's Honor's open branches
Image credit: Scout’s Honor 

Available for delivery via: GrabFood, Foodpanda


6. Twenty Four Bakeshop – ready-to-bake chocolate chip dough

Ready-to-Bake Chocolate Chip DoughImage credit: Twenty Four Bakeshop 

While we’re all practicing our culinary skills at home, why not dough-it-yourself when it comes to your cookies? Twenty Four Bakeshop encourages us to bake our own cookies with their Ready-to-Bake Chocolate Chip Dough (P840, ~USD16.70), containing 1.8KG of chocolate chip dough that can yield 13-14 regular-sized cookies.

Ordering in Twenty Four Bakeshop's website
Image credit: @twentyfourbakeshop 

Aside from the dough, their addictive half-dozen cookie boxes are available: Campfire S’mores Box (P580, ~USD11.53), Chocolate Chip Box (P580, ~USD11.53), or if you want the best of all worlds, opt for their Assorted Box (P580, ~USD11.53) of cookies including both of the flavors mentioned and additional triple chocolate-flavored cookies. 

To order, click here.


7. Quinn’s Bakery – soft-baked and chewy cookies

Quinn's Bakery cookies
Image credit: @quinnsbakery

Quinn’s Bakery is also now ready to serve us soft, chewy cookie goodness. Their mix of classic and unique cookies such as the Chocolate Chip (P140, ~USD2.78 each), Matcha White Chocolate (P140, ~USD2.78 each), and White Chocolate Macadamia (P160, ~USD3.18 each) can now reach you via delivery. 

Available for delivery via: Grab, LalaMove
To order, click here.



8. Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant – mango, ube, and blueberry cakes

Conti's Mango Bravo
Mango Bravo
Image credit: @nicholeshen27

Conti’s has finally reopened their bakeshops, although of course in accordance with social distancing rules as they are still working with a skeletal workforce and limited desserts are available.

Classic favorites such as the Mango Tart (P725, ~USD14.41 mini; P1,050, ~USD20.87 regular), Mango Bravo (P895, ~USD17.79 mini; P1,480, ~USD29.41 regular), Blueberry Cheesecake (P675, ~USD13.42 regular), and Ube Custard (P935, ~USD18.58 regular) are available, as well as their restaurant menu to go along with your breakfast, merienda, or dinner.

Conti's staff observing social distancing
Image credit: @contis_ph

Available for delivery via: GrabFood
For cake orders, call 8580-8888, or call directly the store near you.
For a list of Conti’s branches open, click here. 


9. Banapple – banoffee & apple caramel crumble pies now available

Banoffee Pie
Banoffee Pie
Image credit: Banapple

Fans of Banapple’s irresistible pies can now rejoice as select Banapple stores in Metro Manila are now open for delivery and pick-up. Their beloved Banoffee Pie (P160, ~USD3.18/slice; P1,165, ~USD23.16 whole) is a good idea for quarantine-period birthday or family home parties, with two layers of dulce de leche and banana slices on top of graham crust. 

Banapple delivery options MECQ
Image credit: Banapple 

You can order in 3 ways: via their website, through 3rd-party courier, or pick up your pies by yourself.

Available for delivery via: GrabFood
For a list of branches open for delivery & take-out, click here. 

10. Cara Mia Cakes – gelato cakes

Cara Mia Ube Cake
Ube Cake
Image credit: 

Known for their gelato cakes, or cakes formed with gelato and adorned with wafers, pie crusts, nuts, and toppings, Cara Mia is back with their classic Ube Cake (P880, ~USD17.49) This purple stunner is filled with multiple layers of ube chiffon with ube halaya, and covered with a generous swab of whipped cream. 

Available for delivery via: Foodpanda, GrabFood
For a list of branches open for delivery & take-out, click here. 

Dessert shops in Metro Manila open for delivery & take-out during quarantine

We can now beat the heat or celebrate special moments while on quarantine with treats from these dessert shops in Metro Manila.

Let’s not take this privilege for granted by observing social distancing rules when we pick up our orders via delivery or take-out. And do tip your delivery staff – they deserve it for the hard work.

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Cover image adapted from: Carmen’s Best Ice Cream and @scoutshonorph