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Makati City Levels Up Underpasses, Opens New Minimalist Pass & Paints Legazpi Walkway With Murals

Makati City opens Paseo-Villar underpass

Makati City is one of the few urban spaces in the metro that’s a hodgepodge of modern living. With its skyscrapers, offices, and establishments from bars to cafes, there’s lots to do there.

And it’s also becoming easier for pedestrians to move from point A to point B, with the opening of the new Paseo-Villar underpass.

Unveiled to the public recently last September, the underpass is between the endpoints of Ayala Triangle and Villar Street in Salcedo Village. This will make walking to and from Ayala Triangle Gardens and Salcedo Village, known for its vibrant lifestyle hubs, a breeze, aside from helping Makati become a more walkable city.

It features a clean design

Makati underpass - Paseo-Villar
Image credit: Make It Makati

A far cry from the typical look of underpasses around the metro, the Paseo de Roxas-Villar underpass takes Makati City’s underpasses to the next level with its minimalist clean lines, good lighting, and tan interiors. Photographs of Makati are added as decorations.

Makati underpass - Paseo-Villar
Image credit: Make It Makati

There are also escalators, making the underpass a more pleasurable public space to walk into.

“The underpass is just another part of the series of projects to make Makati City a walkable city,” Mayor Abby Binay was quoted in an article on Primer.

A floral ceiling mural is being completed at the Legazpi underpass

Makati underpass - Legazpi
Image credit: Make It Makati

Aside from the Paseo-Villar underpass, there’s also something to look forward to the Legazpi underpass, as it will soon see the completion of a floral ceiling mural.”This beautiful ceiling mural in the Legazpi Underpass is nearing its completion, Makatizens! Stay tuned as we officially unveil the whole mural soon,” wrote Make It Makati on its official Facebook page.

Makati City’s underpasses

Making a beautiful city indeed isn’t just about building huge buildings and highways. A good city is also inclusive, which means that it responds to the needs of many, including the pedestrians.

Kudos to the initiatives behind Makati City’s underpasses. We look forward to many more developments like this in other parts of the metro.

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Cover image adapted from: Make It Makati, Make It Makati