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8 Eyelash Extension Studios In Metro Manila For Wispy Or Volumized Eyelashes

Places to get eyelash extensions in Metro Manila

People with thick, long lashes on social media may seem to us as effortlessly beautiful. But to let you in a secret, they may have put in a once-a-month effort for their eyelashes to look good. For those of us not blessed with naturally thick, curved lashes, getting lash extensions is an easy solution.

If you’re a first-timer or simply looking for a new place to get high-quality lash extensions, these beauty lounges in Metro Manila will give you your ideal lash extensions so you can wake up with fluttery lashes and look put-together with minimal effort.

1. Ooh La Lash – eyelash extension and eyebrow threading packages

Ooh La Lash
Image adapted from: @oohlalashph

Ooh La Lash offers eyelash extension and eyebrow threading packages starting at P1,008 (~USD19.65) to help you look on fleek any day.

Pick from their eyelash extensions ranging from natural lashes with 30 to 50 individual strands to dramatic eyelashes with unlimited lash strands. They use synthetic and mink lashes to achieve soft, genuine-looking eyelashes.

Lash extensions - Ooh La Lash
Diva lashes made with 66 to 130 individual lash strands
Image adapted from: @oohlalashph

If you only need their lash extension service, these start at P690 (~USD13.44). The salon also offers other lash services such as lash refills for eyelash extensions, eyelash perming, and lash tinting.

They have three locations in Metro Manila that only accept fully vaccinated clients on an appointment basis.

Ooh La Lash’s Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Brow Lounge – budget-friendly, lightweight silk lashes

Brow Lounge
Image credit: @browloungeph

If you’re on a budget but want to get high-quality lash extensions, go to Brow Lounge. For P550 (~USD10.71), you can get natural eyelash extensions called Classic made with silk, lightweight and mimicking real lashes.

There are also two other volumes you can choose – Party and Diva – which are ideal for fancy events.

Lash extensions - Brow Lounge
Image credit: @browloungeph

Lash extension touch-ups are also affordable, costing only P200 (~USD3.90). They also have other budget-friendly beauty services such as brow tinting, threading, and waxing.

To keep their clients safe from the Covid-19 virus, their staff wear protective equipment and tools and surfaces are frequently sanitized. For your convenience, the beauty lounge has 20 branches across the metro.

Brow Lounge’s Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. The Secret Lounge – eyelash extensions for people with thin natural lashes

The Secret Lounge PH
Image credit: Angelia Gabrena Ong

The Secret Lounge in BGC has eyelash extensions called The Secret. These are made with the thinnest lash material and are as fine as 0.10mm, ideal for people with thin natural eyelash strands.

They can give you everyday lashes or glam, sultry, and dramatic looks starting at P1,949 (~USD37.97). You can also get your lash extensions in one of three different curl levels, from the subtle J curl to the standout D curl.

Lash extensions - The Secret Lounge
Image credit: @sophylove25

The Secret Lounge is also a nail salon, which is handy when you’re rushing to get done up for an event.

The lounge accepts clients on a reservation basis to minimize the number of people in the studio at a time. Their studio is protected by nanoscale technology that rids surfaces of pathogens that come in contact with them.

The Secret Lounge’s Facebook | Instagram

4. Beautified by Kara Samson – colored mermaid lashes for baddies

Lash extensions - mermaid lashes beautified by kara samson
Full pink mermaid lashes
Image credit: @beautifiedbykarasamson

Beautified by Kara Samson is where baddies with beautiful lashes go. Besides lashes that range from wispy to bold, this lash extension studio offers white and colored eyelash extensions called mermaid lashes.

You can choose to get only several colored lash strands to highlight your lashes, add them to the outer corner of your lashes, or have full-colored lashes.

It is a one-woman eyelash extension business, but Samson is a certified lash artist and has received stellar reviews for having a clean studio and for being accommodating to her clients.

Beautified by Kara Samson’s Facebook | Instagram

5. Browhaus – for cat-eye lashes

Browhaus Manila
Image credit: Browhaus Manila

Browhaus gives you lashes that fan out to give you a cat-eye look with Lash in Bloom which starts at P3,800 (~USD74.00).

Single Lash in Bloom uses individual lashes for a natural look. They also have Multi Lash in Bloom that uses “bouquets” of lashes for full-looking eyelashes and Cluster Lash in Bloom that gives an eyeliner effect for a dramatic look.

Lash extensions - Browhaus Manila
Multi Lash in Bloom 
Image credit: @browhausmanila

The salon accepts clients by appointment, but a same-day appointment may be possible if there’s a free slot. You can simply call one of their branches directly to ask. To lessen contact, you can also pre-pay through bank transfer, credit card, or even through GCash or Shopee Pay.

This beauty salon business has seven branches in Metro Manila so you won’t have to travel too far to get their services.

Browhaus’ Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Strokes Eye Beauty Studio – luxurious mobile suite for areas in Luzon

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio mobile suite
The mobile suite
Image credit: @strokesbeautyph

Those who can’t be bothered to go out or simply want a new pampering experience can get their eyelash extensions done at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio‘s mobile suite – a van with leather seats, an entertainment system, and more.

If you get a minimum of P5,000 (~USD97.49) worth of beauty services, they can bring this luxury van anywhere you are in Luzon with a P5,000 (~USD97.49) rental fee. The price might look steep, but they recommend booking for four or more people so it comes down to a competitive price. 

Lash extensions - Strokes eye beauty studio
Image credit: @strokesbeautyph

The van is also equipped with a medical-grade UV air filter machine and sterilizer system to keep you safe from the virus.

If you’re just getting eyelash extensions done by yourself, you can also get their lash services through their home service or by going to one of their physical studios in Metro Manila.

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’s Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. NÉW Lounge – get the same lashes as Heart Evangelista

NEW Lounge
Image credit: @iamhearte

NÉW Lounge gives you beautiful fluttery lashes that can get you places. In fact, it’s where you can get the eyelash extensions actress and socialite Heart Evangelista wore to Paris Fashion Week.

They use premium, anti-bacterial sable lashes for their lash extensions which you can get in natural, doll-eye, or cat-eye design and in three types of curls – natural, mid-curl, and hyper curl.

Lash extensions - NEW Lounge
Image credit: @iamhearte

Their employees get regular antigen testing to ensure that you’re safe from the virus while you get your lashes done.

NÉW Lounge has nine locations in the metro and mobile services in several areas in Pampanga, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. They also offer party packages for brides- and moms-to-be.

NÉW Lounge’s Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty – Japanese-style, natural-looking eyelashes

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty
Image credit: KIYOSA SALON

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty is the beauty salon to go to for wispy, Japanese-style eyelashes.

They can give you natural lash extensions in different curls, including the flat lash with a straighter base and a curl at the end, and the SC curl for more realistic lashes with a slight variation of curls.

Lash extensions - Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty
Image credit: @kiyosa_japanese_total_beauty

This place is also a hair and nail salon so you can get all your beauty services in either of their locations in BGC or Makati.

The salon also disinfects their workstations and the entire salon each morning and tools are disinfected before and after use to keep clients safe and healthy.

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty’s Facebook | Instagram | Website

Lash extensions to boost your confidence

If you’re looking for a service that can enhance your beauty without the long-term commitment, lash extensions can help you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to conquer the world.

With one of the eyelash extension studios in Metro Manila above, you’ll even get to choose from wispy and natural-looking to bold and colorful lashes.

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Cover image adapted from: @iamhearte and @beautifiedbykarasamson