Korean hair salons for a new look for 2022

If you’re an avid consumer of Korean content – whether dramas, variety shows, or vlogs – you’ve probably felt envious of South Koreans who seem to be safe from bad hair days. Seeing that great hair is so common in the country, there must be some kind of magic happening in Korean hair salons.

Whether you want to have bouncy, natural-looking hair like a K-drama lead or more creative hairstyles a la K-pop idols, we’ve compiled a list of Korean hair salons in Metro Manila to aid your research on where to book your hair appointment.

1. Zero 1 Story – Korean hair salon trusted by top Filipino celebrities

Korean Hair Salons - Zero 1 Story
Cassie Legazpi with her Yoo Nabi-inspired haircut
Image credit: @zero1story_

Zero 1 Story, formerly Mija Beauty Lab, is among the trusted Korean hair salons by Filipino female celebrities, including Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, and Gabbi Garcia. They give these celebs the medium-length, brown hair with soft curls that we see them rock on Instagram.

Cassie Legazpi even went to this hair salon and got a hairstyle inspired by Nevertheless’ Yoo Nabi.

Zero 1 Story not only caters to women but also men, if you want to look as dashing as a K-drama male lead – or second lead, as they seem to get the girls, too.

Zero 1 Story’s Facebook | Instagram

2. Park Jun Beauty Lab – short women’s haircuts such as bobs and wolf cuts

Korean Hair Salons - Park Jun Beauty Lab
Soft wolf cut
Image credit: @parkjunbeautylabmakati

The hairstylists at Park Jun Beauty Lab are experts at short hair cuts that perfectly frame the face. Besides the classic bob, their stylists can also style your hair into a wolf cut.

For those who don’t know what it is, it’s South Korea’s take on mullet hair, which is softer and frames the face with curtain bangs.

It’s not a problem if you’re not a fan of this layered hairstyle. You can also get a perm at the salon to achieve long, wavy hair a la a K-drama leading lady.

For men, the salon also does the parted curtain bangs that’re popular with South Korean men – whether they’re in the TV and music industry or not.

Park Jun Beauty Lab’s Facebook | Instagram

3. Moridu Art – trusted by the P-pop boy group SB19

Korean Hair Salons - Moridu Art
SB19’s Pablo with his split dyed hair
Image credit: @moriduart

Moridu Art is a Korean unisex hair salon owned by comedian Ryan Bang and is also a hair salon trusted by local celebrities. In fact, Bang even treated the SB19 members to a haircut and styling here.

It’s the place to go if you want SB19’s Justin’s clean wolf cut or Pablo’s unique, black and white split dye. SB19’s Stell, Josh, and Ken even seemed to have loved their service that they went back to get their hair done after their group’s visit.

Other celebs who were spotted getting their hair done at Moridu Art also include actor Carlo Aquino and YouTuber Benedict Cua.

Moridu Art’s Facebook | Instagram

4. Zoey’s Beauty Lab – also a nail art salon, lash extension studio, and massage spa

Korean Hair Salons - Zoey's Beauty Lab
Vintage curls
Image credit: Zoey’s Beauty Lab

The Korean lifestyle hair salon Zoey’s Beauty Lab is more than just its aesthetic interior. They offer a wide range of pampering services, too.

For hairstyling, they do Brazillian blowouts for effortless, healthy-looking hair as well as bouncy, vintage curls if you to look like a rich main character.

The beauty lab is also a nail art salon, lash extension studio, and massage spa so you can get pampered conveniently in one place.  Men are also welcome to enjoy any of these services.

Zoey’s Beauty Lab’s Facebook | Instagram

5. Chic Salon – Korean hair salon for the whole family

Korean Hair Salons - Chic Salon
Image credit: @chicsalon2006

If you want your family to bond over a hair makeover, Chic Salon in San Juan is the Korean hair salon to go to.

Their stylists are skilled at giving men and older women haircuts and perms so the fam can look like a stylish K-drama family.

As for trendy hairstyles that younger family members may prefer, the salon also does layered, wavy hairstyles as seen on K-drama actresses.

They can also do underlights where the dyed part of the hair is hidden, for those who just want to dip their toes out of their comfort zone.

Chic Salon’s Facebook | Instagram

6. Bangs Prime Salon – offers J-curl rebond for effortless curls

Korean hair salons - Bangs Prime SalonJ-curl rebond
Image credit: Bangs Parkway SmFairview

Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey can help you achieve healthy hair with effortless curls. They do this through a J-Curl rebond which straightens your hair but keeps the ends curled.

You can also trust this Korean hair salon for hair coloring services whether you want your hair dyed a natural brown, a vibrant blue, or an ombre.

You’ll also feel safe getting your hair done from this salon amid the pandemic lockdowns. Their staff wears personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep you safe from the virus.

Bangs Prime Salon’s Facebook | Instagram

7. GV Korean Salon – helps you give your hair volume

Korean hair salons - GV Korean salon
C-Curl perm
Image credit

If your hair is on the thin side and you’re worried that Korean hairstyles will not look as good on you, GV Korean Salon in Greenhills can give your hair volume through a C-Curl perm.

If you’re wondering, the C-Curl perm leaves your hair with a more gradual inward curl, while a J-Curl only fans out the hair towards the end. A C-Curl is particularly great if you don’t want waves but want hair that looks healthy.

To make sure that your hair is also healthy from within, this hair salon also offers great hair treatments you can get with any of their hairstyling services.

GV Korean Hair Salon’s Facebook

Korean hair salons for a hair makeover

Korean hair salons may be pricier than your current go-to salon, but people who’ve had their hair done in one will agree that it’s a worthy investment.

Not only do Korean-style treatments and cuts give you healthy-looking hair, but also gives you a boost of confidence when you rock the same hairstyle as your favorite Korean celebrity.

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