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Cat Steals Security Guard’s Lunch To Feed Kittens, He Takes It As A Chance To Remind Us Of Animal Welfare

Cat steals guard’s lunch

Heart-warming animal stories will never run out in our country where pets are considered family. From cats infiltrating Zoom interviews to frontliner dogs helping battle COVID-19, animal stories are a common find on social media timelines and news portals.

However, stray cats and dogs don’t always receive the same kind treatment as domesticated pets do. In this story, what starts out as a funny incident with a stray cat stealing a security guard’s lunch turns into one that’ll have you thinking twice about shooing away the next pesky stray you come across.

Security guard loses lunch to cat

cat steals guard's lunch - cat with fish
Image credit:
Hilsy Policarpio Almerol

Security guard Hilsy Almerol was having what seemed to be a normal day at work, and thought he could sit back and relax during his lunch break. Readying himself to eat, he left his food on the dining table to wash his hands, only to come back to an empty table.

In his viral Facebook post, he shared the photos he managed to take of the cat who stole his lunch – which was a whole bangus (catfish) – while he was washing his hands. He admits that his initial reaction was to get angry about his stolen food, but what he witnessed next after following the cat gave him a change of heart.

Cat steals guard’s lunch for kittens

cat steals guard's lunch - cats on roof
Image credit: Hilsy Policarpio Almerol

After following the cat outside and finding her on his roof, his anger dissipated as he discovered the cat, apparently a mother, feeding her kittens with the fish she stole. Instead of taking the fish back or shooing the stray cats away, he let them be.

He then proceeded to take photos of the cat, her kittens, and his stolen lunch to share his insights on Facebook group Bantay Animal Welfare.

Animals, like humans, are just trying to survive

cat steals guard's lunch - security guard with cat
Image credit:
Hilsy Policarpio Almerol

Though he was initially angry at the cat for stealing his lunch, security guard Almerol’s heart melted at the image of a nurturing mother who just wanted to feed her babies.

In his post on the Facebook group, he urges everyone to think twice about hurting animals, especially stray ones like the one he came across. This is not only because it’s illegal to abuse animals, but also because most times, these animals just want to take care of their families – which is not very different from us humans.

Stray animals all over the country deserve care

While we pamper and spoil our domestic pets like we would our own children, let’s not forget these homeless animals who deserve just as much care and attention. If you can, maybe you can take in a stray or help them find a home.

Otherwise, just giving them food scraps or water or even simply choosing not to hurt them can already mean a lot, and set a good example for other people.

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Cover image adapted from: Hilsy Policarpio Almerol