Little boy who shares a moment with a Chow Chow receives grocery items

No matter how challenging life can get, there’s always something left to love. Or at least, this was the case with a little boy who formed an undeniable connection with a doggo outside a coffee shop, and later received acts of kindness from people who noticed his good deed of looking out for her.

This all started when Mazikeen the Chow Chow and a boy, Rondel, had an unexpected encounter outside a coffee shop at Vista Mall, Taguig.

The boy and dog’s unexpected encounter outside a coffee shop

While Mazikeen’s owner Aj Soriano was inside the mall’s coffee shop buying herself a coffee, she had to leave Mazikeen just outside the shop. Rondel fortunately came to the rescue when he offered to guard Mazikeen while she bought her coffee.

Mazikeen the Chow - meeting Rondel outside a coffee shop
Image credit: Mazikeen the Chow

“I need to buy a drink but dogs are not allowed so Mazey should wait for me outside. Luckily, this boy was there and asked me: Ate gusto mo bantayan ko siya?,” Soriano recounted in her now-viral Facebook post. 

And while the boy, Rondel, sat beside Mazikeen, Soriano witnessed them forming an immediate bond. 

“While I was at the counter, I saw them through the door that he was making silly faces to make Mazey smile haha! They were too cute, right?   As a way of saying thank [you], I gave him a drink….” Soriano shared. 

Mazikeen the Chow - Rondel being treated to a grocery shopping
Image adapted from: Mazikeen the Chow

As their story became viral on social media, Aj Soriano met up with Rondel again with his family to give them groceries they could use, thanks to various netizens who poured in their donations to help the boy after being touched by his kind deed. 

“Hello everyone! Here’s a quick update regarding Rondel.  Yesterday, we went back to meet him and his mom. We received a lot of donations from different people and we used the money to buy groceries for them. He was so happy!!!” Soriano updated on Facebook. 

The doggo’s mom treated the boy to grocery shopping and a meal

Mazikeen the Chow - Rondel and mom Nerissa
Image adapted from: Mazikeen the Chow

The grocery items Soriano bought for Rondel and his family thanks to donors’ contributions included a sack of rice, bread, snacks, and other basic goods that would come in handy to any family especially during COVID-19 when money is tight for many. 

“I’m just really happy to share that we are able to raise some money to buy groceries for them yesterday,” Soriano said to The Smart Local Philippines. 

Mazikeen the Chow - Rondel and mom Nerissa eating at a restaurant
Image adapted from: Mazikeen the Chow

And aside from the groceries, she was also able to treat Rondel, his brother, and his mom Nerissa to a good meal. From Mazikeen’s satisfied face, we’re guessing she got more than a few tasty scraps from the table too. 

Mazikeen the Chow - Mazikeen, Rondel, his mother Nerissa, and Rondel’s brotherMazikeen, Rondel, his mother Nerissa, and Rondel’s brother
Image adapted from: Mazikeen the Chow

Besides food and some daily necessities, Rondel even received framed fanart picturing himself with his latest furry friend. We hope they get to meet each other after the pandemic is over and continue their newfound friendship.

Kindness goes a long way 

Indeed, when you give something, the universe sometimes doubles it and returns it back to you –  as Rondel and Mazikeen’s encounter proved. Out of his offer to guard a dog, this kid has now been given something beyond what he must have expected in return. 

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Cover image adapted from: Mazikeen the Chow


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