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Dogs Are The Latest Frontliners In The Battle Against The COVID-19 Pandemic In The Philippines

Dog frontliners given IDs

From healthcare workers to delivery riders to even those stuck at home, all hands are on deck to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not just the humans who are involved. Dogs from all over the country are lending their paws, too. 

These fur babies have been roaming the streets alongside barangay officials, helping their communities by doing tasks such as patrolling their areas at night and helping to distribute relief goods. Not only are they doing their part, they’ve got locals and netizens fawning over them, too!

Patrollers keeping peace and order in barangays

dog in a tricycleImage credit: Philippine Star

To ensure that everyone is staying at home to avoid the spread of or exposure to the virus, barangay officials have started to patrol their respective areas as a deterrent against people who are thinking of breaking the rules.

In Barangay 379 in Manila, Jake Ryan Ramos’s dog Chi-chi loves riding the Barangay Patrol tricycles. Which is why barangay officials gave him a Barangay Dog Frontliner ID to make him an honorary patroller. He now joins the Barangay Patrol whenever they make their rounds.

dog wearing a face mask and an ID
Image credit: GMA Public Affairs

Wacky, a stray dog from Barangay 132 in Pasay City, also accompanies barangay officials during patrols. He wears the required face mask and an ID reminding people to #StaySafe and #StayAtHome. When not patrolling the barangay and making sure the area is safe, he’s on stand-by duties while guarding the Barangay Hall.

Helping distribute relief goods to barangays

Video credit: Dave Manzano Fuentes

While fur parents have been letting their pet dogs help their communities, stray dogs have been doing their part, too. This dog ventured into a barangay in Sampaloc, Manila, and was adopted by barangay chairman Edmond Dela Paz, who named him Ligaw.

The two have become inseparable since, which led to Ligaw getting her own quarantine pass as he accompanied his owner in doing his responsibilities. This includes giving out relief goods, such as canned goods and rice, to the constituents of the barangay.

Frontliner dogs saving frontliner humans

doctor in full gear petting an assistance dog
Image credit: @pawssionproject

While some dogs are accompanying barangay officials in their duties, some dogs are visiting hospitals to comfort health workers.

A frontline doctor, Dr. Susan, has a dog, Wynn, that is training to become an assistance dog for children, adults, and veterans with disabilities. Wynn often visits her owner during her shifts as an emergency room doctor, and stays in the social workers’ inner office for hygienic purposes. Doctors and nurses can come and sit with her during breaks, and have a moment with her to destress.

Don’t forget to check on your pets

Though not everyone’s dogs are taking on the responsibilities of being a frontliner in their communities, our pets at home are doing their part to keep us sane and to help us destress in these trying times. 

Those with fur babies know that their pets may be feeling restless because they can’t go outside to play, like they used to. So be sure to observe your pets for signs of stress and anxiety, too.

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Cover image adapted from: Abby Singson and @pawssionproject