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10 Facts About Angel Locsin That Prove That She’s A Real-Life Darna We Should Protect At All Costs

Angel Locsin, a real-life Darna

Angel Locsin has been a household name for quite some time now, but there are reasons why she still holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos. The actress is known to have played roles in enduring fantaseryes in the Philippines such as Darna, and beyond her acting credits, she’s also a philanthropist who’s been behind several causes such as relief efforts for typhoon victims and COVID-19 patients. 

So it’s no wonder why many have been calling her a real-life Darna. Here are 10 things to know about this queen, who showed us that not all superheroes wear capes.

1. She’s been a queen since childhood

Angel Locsin - childhood
Image credit: Angel Locsin

Born as Angelica Locsin Colmenares to Angelo and Emma Colmenares on 23rd April 1985, Angel Locsin has been a literal queen since her childhood. In a throwback photo she shared in July 2020, the actress is seen as a young girl wearing a long white gown with vintage ruffles while being crowned at what looked to be a school pageant. 

Locsin was also a top student in her younger years, according to an article of ABS-CBN Entertainment, and was active in extracurricular activities – which could explain the regal vibe she exudes, even at a young age.

2. Her fantaseryes define a #culturalreset

Angel Locsin - Darna
Locsin in the Darna costume
Image credit: Angel Locsin

Some of the most memorable and highest-rated local dramas of all time in the Philippines include the fantasy TV series Darna (2005) and Mulawin (2004-2005), and our queen played main roles in both shows.

Angel Locsin - Mulawin
Locsin’s Alwina alongside Gutierrez’s Aguiluz
Image credit: GMA Network 

Locsin has always been remembered as Darna, the superheroine alter ego of an ordinary woman named Narda in the 2005 TV adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s character. And in Mulawin, she played the role of Alwina as she leads the class of Mulawins against the Ravena villains alongside Richard Gutierrez’s Aguiluz.

3. She was crowned as FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman not once but twice

Angel Locsin - FHM Philippines
Locsin at the FHM Philippines Sexiest 2010 Victory Party
Image credit: FHM – Philippines

Aside from dominating Philippine TV, Locsin has also been hailed as men’s magazine FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman in the world twice. With her alluring eyes and voluptuous curves, she was named as the sexiest woman in 2005 and 2010. 

It goes without saying that she’s indeed a magazine queen – long-time fans of Locsin will remember the days when the actress was on the cover of every local magazine from FHM to Cosmopolitan Philippines to MEGA, you name it.

4. She exudes sexiness in all shapes and sizes

Angel Locsin - shooting for Iba Yan
Locsin in June 2020
Image credit: u/[deleted]

Even though she has put on weight in her 30s, she couldn’t care less about hiding her figure under loose clothing. In fact, her viral photos in June 2020, where she is seen looking curvier while shooting her docu-reality show Iba ‘Yan, inspired netizens with her unapologetic confidence about her body. 

She doesn’t take body-shamers seriously, telling them through a January 2019 Tonight With Boy Abunda interview with Boy Abunda that they shouldn’t make an issue of everything including her weight gain.

“Kasi ako, wala akong problema. Bakit ikaw ang dami mong issue? Ako nga, walang issue, eh. Katawan ko ‘to, ako ‘to, sarili ko ‘to. Ikaw, okay ka ba?”

This can be translated into, “I don’t have a problem [with my body]. Why do you have so many issues? I don’t actually have an issue [with my body]. It’s my body and I’m okay with it. Are you okay with yours?”

5. She is a loving daughter

Angel Locsin - with father Angelo Colmenares
Locsin with her father, Angelo Colmenares
Image credit: @therealangellocsin 

Her father, Angelo Colmenares, has been instrumental in making her who she is today. And she doesn’t forget to show how grateful she is for her father, whom she has been living with since she was 14, every time he celebrates his birthday.

Angel Locsin - with father Angelo Colmenares
Locsin with her father, on his 94th birthday.
Image credit: @therealangellocsin

On her father’s 94th birthday on 17th February 2021, for instance, she posted a photo on Instagram showing her sitting beside lolo Angelo with their chicken empanada and liempo handa

On his 93rd birthday, she also called him many things – their “human calculator, swimming coach, fitness motivator, history reference, minimalist expert, financial advisor, expenses police, and dutiful father” – as a show of gratitude.

6. She and her fiance Neil Arce are couple goals

Angel Locsin - Locsin and Neil
Locsin and Arce in New Zealand
Image credit: @therealangellocsin 

Locsin and her fiance, film producer Neil Arce, have been giving us kilig vibes ever since they announced their relationship back in February 2018. For one, they had been traveling the world, from the Philippines to New Zealand to Japan, before COVID-19 happened. They also dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo on Halloween in 2018.

Angel Locsin - with Neil Arce
Image credit: @therealangellocsin 

Locsin and Arce got engaged in June 2019 and they were supposed to get married in November 2020. Sadly, they had to postpone their plans due to the pandemic, but the couple has been suggesting lately that they might tie the knot this year. We’re so excited for this couple to get their happily ever after!

7. She’s been advocating for women’s empowerment

Angel Locsin - women advocate
Image credit: @therealangellocsin

Inspired by leaders such as the late Gina Lopez and Mother Teresa, Locsin has been vocal about issues surrounding women today, such as gender-based violence and stereotypes. 

In a conversation with Bianca Gonzales in March 2021, for example, Locsin expressed her disappointment about the negative connotations towards women who tend to display strong personalities. 

She said, “Mayroong stigma, ito iyong mga namana natin unconsciously sa mga ninuno pa natin, sa society, sa kultura natin, kung papaano ba talaga ang behavior ng isang kababaihan. It can be translated as, “There is this stigma, which we inherited unconsciously from our ancestors, from society, from our culture, on how women should behave.”

8. She initiates projects for many charitable causes, including the Taal eruption

Angel Locsin - Taal relief
Image credit: @allaboutangellocsin

We’ve been in trying times ever since the beginning of 2020 – not only with the COVID-19 global pandemic, but also with the Taal eruption. And through it all, Locsin has been there with us.

Angel Locsin - ABS-CBN franchise renewal
Image credit: @therealangellocsin 

She led the packing of relief goods for the Batangueños who were affected by the January 2020 Taal volcano eruption, raised millions for various donation and funding projects for healthcare workers of COVID-19, and even backed her network, ABS-CBN, during the height of its franchise renewal issue. The list goes on. 

Angel Locsin - community pantry
Image credit: @therealangellocsin

The actress also celebrated her birthday on 23rd April 2021 by setting up a community pantry at Brgy. Holy Spirit in Quezon City. However, the initiative didn’t end up as a celebratory one due to the death of a senior citizen who had a heart attack while lining up at her pantry. 

Although it was of no fault of hers, Locsin was deeply apologetic and said on Instagram that she would ask for forgiveness throughout her life. Bago po ang lahat, humihingi po ako ng tawad sa pamilya. Kanina po pinuntahan at nakapagusap po kami ng personal ng mga anak nya sa ospital. At habang buhay po ako hihingi ng patawad sa kanila.” 

It can be translated as, “Before anything else, I’m asking for the family’s forgiveness. A while ago, we went to and talked to his child at the hospital. And I’d ask for the family’s forgiveness throughout my life.”

9. She’s been with us through the years

Angel Locsin - Typhoon Ondoy
Locsin visiting the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in 2009
Image credit: @allaboutangellocsin

A true-blue philanthropist, Locsin’s charity and advocacy activities are not one-off contributions. In fact, her efforts go all the way back to 2009, when she helped the victims of Typhoon Ondoy through relief efforts such as the Shop and Share website she launched alongside fellow celebrity Anne Curtis to generate donation proceeds.

Angel Locsin - Marawi reliefLocsin donating relief goods during the Marawi siege in 2017
Image credit: Tudla Productions 

During the Marawi siege in 2017, she also flew to the war-torn city to visit our Muslim brothers and sisters in evacuation centers and to distribute relief goods. She’s headed so many more efforts that it’s no surprise that she would be named in Forbes’ Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy list in 2019.

10. Her showbiz friends can attest to her genuine heart

Angel Locsin - showbiz friends
Locsin with Bea Alonzo, Angelica Panganiban, and Anne Curtis.
Image credit: @therealangellocsin 

Locsin’s showbiz friends all have positive things to say about the actress. Dimples Romana once said on an Instagram post in April 2020 that despite Locsin’s superstar status, she never once did make her feel inferior. 

Even showbiz veterans have expressed their admiration for the actress, with Edu Manzano saying that her compassion for others makes the world a good place. Megastar Sharon Cuneta was also amazed by how Locsin hasn’t changed at all throughout the almost two decades that she has known the younger actress.

Facts about Angel Locsin

Living in the pandemic era has been difficult, but thankfully, Filipinos are blessed with a superwoman in the form of Angel Locsin, who constantly shows us what it’s like to be a real-life superhero. 

Here’s to hoping that more celebrities will follow her good example. 

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Cover image adapted from: @allaboutangellocsin, @therealangellocsin, Angel Locsin