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Vice Ganda Reveals “Wedding” With Ion Perez In October 2021, Couple Had Commitment Ceremony In Las Vegas

Vice Ganda & Ion Perez hold commitment ceremony in Vegas

Vice Ganda is known to be extra with the clothes he wears, the parties he throws, and the shows he’s in. On the day before Valentine’s, while others revealed their boyfriend or girlfriend on social media, the Filipino comedian outshone everyone by uploading a YouTube video that revealed that he had a commitment ceremony with his boyfriend of three years, Ion Perez.

The video titled “What Really Happened in Vegas” showed that the two exchanged vows at The Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas on 19th October 2021.

Vice & Ion’s vows

Video credit: Vice Ganda

The YouTube video resembled a wedding same-day edit video. It showed the two sharing a meal, getting dressed, and driving to the venue.

Vice walked down the aisle towards an emotional Ion, who was speechless until they said their vows.

Buong-buo yung loob ko na makasama ka. Wala akong masabi basta mahal na mahal kita, Tuy,” Ion said in his short declaration of love, referring to Vice as Tuy, which is the shorter form of Vice’s nickname Tutoy.

(“I’m ready to commit myself to you. I don’t know what to say but I love you so much, Tuy.”)

On the other hand, Vice’s vows expressed his excitement about spending the rest of his life with Ion.

Ang saya-saya ko na ikaw ang kasama ko ngayon, ikaw yung kasama ko kahapon, at ikaw yung alam kong makakasama ko pa rin bukas at sa mga susunod pang araw,” the star said.

(“I am so happy that you’re with me today, that you were with me yesterday, and I know that you’ll still be with me tomorrow and the days to come.” )

“I promise na mag-iipon pa ako ng maraming maraming maraming pagmamahal sa puso ko para makaya ko pang mahalin yung sarili ko at para makaya ko pang mahalin ka,” he even added.

(“I promise to save up lots and lots of love in my heart so that I can keep on loving myself and so I can continue to love you.”)

Commitment ceremony

Vice Ganda Ion Perez weddingThe couple signed a certificate of commitment after the short ceremony
Image credit: Vice Ganda 

After their vows, the couple exchanged rings and signed a commitment certificate. However, they are not considered married in the US as they did not sign a marriage certificate.

Vice and Ion’s certificate of commitment is also not honored in the Philippines.

Vice Ganda exchanges vows with Ion Perez

Nonetheless, Vice Ganda and Ion Perez entering a new stage in their relationship make us say “sana all”. We just hope that, in the future, the two can also get to wed for real in the Philippines.

Congratulations to the couple!

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Cover image adapted from: Vice Ganda