Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet

If you want to sight-see in Baguio but relax somewhere outside the city, book your stay at Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet. It’s only 20 minutes away from Baguio’s business district, yet it gives you beautiful views of a sea of clouds.

Don’t be fooled by its name – it’s actually more than just a campsite, with 2 other accommodation types available. With food and activities covered, it’s also the perfect staycation spot for those who think they’ve seen all of the mountain city.

Kubo glamping

Valleypoint Campsite - kubo glamping
Kubos for glamping.
Image credit: @purrferfur

The most popular accommodation at Valleypoint Campsite are their kubos (nipa huts) (from P3,850/night for 2pax, ~USD69.18) for glamping.

Some of these have a sunroof that allows you to watch the stars from your mattress on the floor. There’s also a TV if you prefer to watch a movie.

Toiletries are provided and you can wash up in their common bathroom equipped with a hot shower which you’ll need due to the cold Benguet climate.

Besides kubos, there are other accommodation types at Valleypoint Campsite – their tents and dorm rooms.

Everything you need in a staycation

Airsoft shooting
Airsoft shooting.

Image credit: @hiitstine

Valleypoint Campsite might be far from the city’s conveniences, but it has everything you need in a staycation so you won’t have to leave the place at all.

They provide free breakfast, afternoon snacks, and dinner. You can grab lunch at their restaurant or, if you want a particular food they don’t have, bring in the food you’re craving without paying a corkage fee. Plus, there’s even unlimited free brewed coffee or hot chocolate to help you stay warm.

Valleypoint Campsite - Camper's Chill Area
Camper’s Chill Area.
Image credit: @khadmalynne

When you book a room, you also get a coupon for activities such as airsoft shooting and archery. There are also board games, card games, and books you can borrow at the cozy Camper’s Chill Area which has bean bag chairs you can curl up in.

Views of a sea of clouds

Valleypoint Campsite - Sea of Clouds
Sea of clouds.
Image credit: Sharmaine De Venencia/@valleypointcampsite

While it already seems like the ideal getaway, Valleypoint Campsite has more to offer its guests. Around sunset, you get to enjoy views of a sea of clouds from their restaurant. This usually starts at 3.30pm and lasts for around 2 hours.

To increase your chances of seeing a beautiful sea of clouds, book your visit any time from May to June. In case you don’t get to see this view, you’ll still see the fog that blankets the place all day, sometimes to the point of zero visibility, for those just love cold climates.

How to make a reservation

Valleypoint Campsite - tents
Tents at Valleypoint Campsite.
Image credit: @iam.maireyes

To book a tent, dorm room, or a glamping kubo, simply message Valleypoint Campsite on their Facebook page.

If you’re not planning to stay in Tuba, you can also have a day tour at the place for P500 (~USD8.98) per person.

For more inquiries, shoot Valleypoint Campsite a direct message on Facebook.

Glamping site with sea of clouds views

You no longer need to go hiking to enjoy a views of sea of clouds when you can enjoy this effortlessly on your staycation at Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet.

With all its amenities and free food, you’re even sure to have a hassle-free, relaxing stay.

Address: Green Valley, Tuba, Benguet 
Valleypoint Campsite’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Sharmaine De Venencia/@valleypointcampsite and @duump.yana


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