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Baguio’s Igorot Stone Kingdom Is A Stone-Walled Outdoor Attraction You Can Explore From P80

Baguio’s Igorot Stone Kingdom

While Baguio has been known for its relaxing ambiance and mountainous surroundings, you can never run out of things to explore in the City of Pines.

Opened in May 2021, the Igorot Stone Kingdom is one of the newest man-made attractions in Baguio. Lined with a maze of medieval-themed stones overlooked by a castle-like structure, it will let you experience the city like never before, as if you were on a temple run.

Update: the Igorot Stone Kingdom has been shut down on the 9th of November 2022 and can no longer accommodate visitors until further notice. Please read our article here for details.

The park covers 6,000 sqm

Igorot Stone Kingdom
Image adapted from: Shuttercaptured, @genelynmaludeg

Surrounded by tall trees, the kingdom covers a massive 6,000-square meter area. It is layered with stone walls that resemble the shape of the Banaue Rice Terraces while a castle-like building is located in the heart of the park.

Igorot Stone Kingdom
Image adapted from: Igorotang Maskulada’s Mixed Videos, Mark Gideon

The area has several sections where visitors can stop to take photos. Aside from walking through its maze, guests can visit a section made to look like a gold mine or stop to take their selfies while crossing a bridge.

It showcases the practices, traditions, and craftsmanship of the Igorot

Igorot Stone Kingdom
Image credit: marlon urmaza

More than its eye-catching walls, the stone kingdom depicts the culture and talent of the Igorot. The attraction’s owner, Pio Velasco, led the construction of the park based on Igorot folklore.

“The whole concept is an Igorot child’s fantasy of castles, his childhood in Mountain Province, the stories about the first Igorot people, man’s belief that there is a caring God and culture of family brought out by the Igorot’s skillful hands of stone laying,” Velasco was quoted in a Philippine News Agency article.

For instance, one of the towers in the stone kingdom reflects the myth of Gatan and Bangan and another pays tribute to Kabunyan, an Igorot god.

The idea to build the park was born out of the quarantine period

Igorot Stone Kingdom
Image credit: Leighanne Tercero

Velasco began envisioning how the stone kingdom would look like when a white carabao appeared before him on the park’s site on 1st March 2020. According to him, he has always imagined a fantasy kingdom ever since he was a child.

“Because I had a vision in my mind, the figure slowly emerged, showing my dream fantasy kingdom,” Velasco said in the same article.

As the park gains more popularity among tourists, let’s hope more attractions such as this will be built, so we can get to know more about our indigenous cultures through our travels.

Igorot Stone Kingdom

Showing the talents and practices of the Igorot, the Igorot Stone Kingdom is indeed one of the newest attractions in Baguio that tourists have to visit.

Not only is it a unique eye-catching site, but it also is a testament to the creative imagination of the Igorot and their artistic prowess.

Igorot Stone Kingdom
Address: #86 Long Long Road, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City
Opening hours: 6AM-6PM, Daily
Admission fee: P100 (~USD1.98) for adults, P80 (~USD1.59) for kids

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Cover image adapted from: Igorotang Maskulada’s Mixed Videos, @genelynmaludeg