Siargao tiny house

Tiny houses allow people to live simpler, quieter lives. With everything that’s going on in the world, having your own little space is the perfect solution to de-stress and work on becoming your best self.

Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar took it a step further and built a tiny house in Siargao – one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Philippines. In September, he shared a series of photos of the tiny house he had built in Siargao on the Facebook group Home Buddies.

Amenities of a 30 sqm tiny house

Tiny House - Masters Bedroom
The master’s bedroom has a regular bed and a couch that can be used as a bed
Image credit: Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar

The 30 sqm tiny home houses 3 beds – 2 in the loft and 1 in its surprisingly spacious master bedroom. The master bedroom also has a sofa which can be used as a bed.

Tiny House - loft area
The loft area can accommodate 2 beds
Image credit: Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar

Besides these sleeping areas, the tiny home has a dining area and a full bathroom, complete with a toilet, vanity, and shower. However, the owner decided to build a separate structure for the kitchen, not wanting the whole tiny home to smell whenever someone cooks.

Tiny House - Dining Area
The tiny house’s dining area
Image credit: Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar

The tiny home was originally meant to be only 15 sqm but was expanded to accommodate more people.

Cost of building a tiny house in Siargao

Tiny House - before photoBefore photo
Image adapted from: Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar

According to Andanar, the tiny house and its adjacent kitchen cost him around P700,000 (~USD13,927.01). This includes the materials and labor as well as the cost of building the house’s own septic tank. Without the separate kitchen, it would cost around P470,000 (~USD9,350.99).

However, these prices don’t factor in the cost of the property, so be sure to keep that in mind if you’re also planning to build your own tiny house.

Building a tiny house in Metro Manila

Because they only need a small plot of land and not as many materials as a regular-sized house, tiny homes are cost-efficient. Andanar also says it could be cheaper to build such a structure in Metro Manila as materials tend to be relatively harder to acquire in Siargao.

Not only do they give you your own space with a relatively smaller budget, but tiny homes are also environmentally friendly as you get to keep only your important items and reduce clutter in your house.

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Cover image adapted from: Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar and Janos Leo Gorgolon Andanar


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