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The Paw Club Philippines: Dine-In With Your Fur Babies At This Cafe, Grooming Salon, & Pet Hotel

The Paw Club Philippines in Pasay

Many Filipinos treat their pets like family, so we’d love to bring them with us anywhere we go. However, many establishments around Metro Manila still prohibit animals on their premises, but not The Paw Club Philippines in Mall of Asia, Pasay.

This all-in-one pet haven doesn’t just let your fur babies inside their cafe; they also serve, groom, and board them.

Pet-friendly restaurant

The Paw Club Philippines - Pet cafe
Pet owners and their dogs

Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines

The cafe gives you a small pet menu, where you can see all the pet-safe food choices. You can order carrot, banana, or liver pupcakes (P75, ~USD1.42). But, if you want to spoil your fur baby a little, get them a grilled chicken breast with biscuit and gravy (P125, ~USD2.37). They also provide a water bowl for each table so your pets can have a drink.

The Paw Club Philippines - Food
Food choices at the cafe

Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines

On the other hand, they also offer delicious pasta (P335, ~USD6.36), waffles (P195, ~USD3.70), and more for pets’ human companions. The cafe’s sweet and creamy milkshakes (P125, ~USD2.37) blended with real ice cream are also something you don’t want to miss when you drop by.

Pet grooming salon

Pet grooming PasayGrooming an Alaskan Malamute
Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines

The Paw Club grooming packages cost P500 (~USD9.49) for dogs weighing below 10kg, P700 (~USD13.28) for those between 11kg-40kg, and P900 (~USD17.08) for breeds above 40kg. It includes bathing, blow-drying, ear cleaning, nail and sanitary trimming, teeth brushing, and a haircut if necessary.

If your pet doesn’t need all the services in the package, you can opt to pay the individual price. And the good thing about the place being a cafe as well is that you can enjoy a meal while watching your dog getting groomed.

Pet hotel in Mall Of Asia

Pet boarding in Manila
Day boarding dogs viewed from the cafe

Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines

If you don’t want to leave your fur babies home alone for more than a day, this pet hotel offers boarding services. The daily rate applies when your cats and dogs board for a minimum of 3 days. You can choose where your pet will stay from P500 (~USD9.49) for the deluxe room, P600 (~USD11.38) for the suite, and P700 (~USD13.28) for the presidential room.

But let’s say you need to go somewhere for a couple of hours – perhaps, you’re catching a movie at Mall of Asia. If that’s the case, you may book their day boarding services for only P100 (~USD1.90) per hour.

One-stop-shop for pet lovers

There are only a number of genuinely pet-friendly restaurants, and The Paw Club Philippines in Mall of Asia Pasay is one of them because they let your cats and dogs sit and eat at the table with you.

You’ll enjoy all their delectable dishes and the welcoming ambiance when it comes to your animal companions.

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Cover image adapted from: The Paw Club Philippines