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Nowadays, we are so used to urban living that even when we travel, we take that lifestyle with us. However, sometimes, we want to disconnect from the modern world and go back to a simpler life – no pollution, cities, or technology.

Go to The Weekend Farmer in Alfonso, Cavite, where you can experience rural life during your stay and maybe even harvest your own vegetables.

Minimalist nature style

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - kubo loft
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After passing by the farm and greenery, you’ll get to stay in a kubo-inspired loft that’s simple, but still gives homey feels as if you’re in the province.

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - kubo loft minimal interiors
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Once inside, the room is set up in a minimalist style with beds on bamboo frames, small windows, and a wooden set of stairs that lead to the balcony or patio.

While some rooms have air-conditioning, kubo lofts let you enjoy the cool nature breeze at night so you won’t need air-conditioning or fans. Nevertheless, fans are available if you want the extra breeze.

Kubo lofts cost P5,600 (~USD107.02) per night while the other rooms range from P3,450-P5,695 (~USD65.93-USD108.83) per night.

Farm-to-table meal and craft beer sampling

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - farm-to-table meals
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During your stay, you’ll be served a complimentary breakfast and afternoon snacks. What’s more, you can have lunch or dinner that’s mostly freshly picked from the farm.

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - craft beer
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Along with your meals, you can also sample some craft beer from their brewery for beer connoisseurs or simply just for the experience.

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - organic souvenir store
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Additionally, you can drop by their organic souvenir store to see products and goods, from mango vinegar to organic produce, that you might want to take home by the end of your stay.

Rural living experience

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - guided tours
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During the day, explore the farm through guided tours to the craft beer brewery, bee shelter, vermiculture, and watch where mushrooms are propagated.

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - harvest your own vegetables
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You can try and harvest your own vegetables to amp up your rural experience. That way, you’ll also get to see and enjoy the vegetable garden up close along with the fruit trees and livestock.

Things to do at the grounds

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite - hammocks
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Besides the tour, you can leisurely explore the grounds for a more serene experience. Outdoor hammocks are there for taking aesthetic photos or if you want to lie back and read a favorite book in nature.

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Alternately, if you want to go for something fun, you can play badminton or take turns playing on the giant Sungka (a Filipino game).

the weekend farmer in cavite - yoga
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If you’re looking to exercise, you can go for a yoga class occasionally held on the grounds for a healthy activity.

 bon fire
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Lastly, to wind down for the night, you can request for a bonfire to melt some marshmallows and relax as you take in the fire’s warmth.

The Weekend Farmer in Cavite

So if you want a taste of the rural life or want to learn and try something new, head to The Weekend Farmer in Cavite, where everything is a breath of fresh air.

Have fun!

Address: Kaysuyo Road 4113 Kaytitinga, Alfonso, Cavite
Opening hours: Wed–Sun 9AM-5PM | Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Telephone: 0917 504 9942
Email: [email protected]

The Weekend Farmer’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from, @thehaikupoet, and @richardliaofit

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