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Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge In Greenhills Is A Cute Stationery Store From The Owners Of Chingu Dachi

Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge

If you’ve been desperately wanting to go to Bangkok to check out the cute stationery stores you saw all over TikTok but have neither the time nor money, you’re in luck. A store just like it recently opened its doors in Metro Manila.

Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge is a brand-new, IG-worthy stationery and accessory store in Greenhills Promenade. It’s run by the owners of the K-pop merch store Chingu Dachi, so you know they have the trendiest items for K-pop fans, as well as people who just love cute knick-knacks.

Trendy stationery and accessories

Sonata's Love Letter Lounge - Stationery 1
Image credit: Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge via Facebook

The stationery shop has stickers that you can use to adorn your journals and tumblers. They also have an assortment of keychains and other accessories to make your “What’s In My Bag” reveals a lot more colorful.

Sonata's Love Letter Lounge - stationery 2
Image credit: Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge via Facebook

For music fans who collect photocards, you’ll be pleased to know that Sonata’s Love also carries a variety of photocard holders and collect books.

Many of these items are made by local artists, so you can conveniently check out all of their trinkets without having to scour for individual art shops on social media.

Cute photo spots

Sonata's Love Letter Lounge -n photobooth
Image credit: @loveletter_lounge via Instagram

Bring home a 4-cut photo print as a souvenir from the shop’s photo booth – they even have fun props you can use for free.

Sonata's Love Letter Lounge - locker photo areaImage credit: Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge via Facebook

But besides the booth, the shop’s interiors also make great backdrops for your photos. One of them is a school locker-inspired area decked with photos of your favorite celebs – from young Leo De Caprio to Aespa’s Giselle – so you can have a chic flick-themed pic.

Love letters

Love Letters
Image credit: @loveletter_lounge via Instagram

Now, this is where the eponymous love letters come in. The shop has a room where you can write a letter to your future self, a friend, a fellow fan, or a special someone.

Just buy a postcard (P250, ~USDx) from the counter, write your letter with mailing details on the envelope, seal it with wax, and drop it into the corresponding mailbox. The shop will send it to the recipient on your chosen date.

Chingu Dachi

Chingu Dachi Greenhills
Image credit: @chingudachi via Instagram

If you’re looking to buy official K-pop merchandise specifically, Chingu Dachi has a store in Greenhills Promenade.

They have the latest K-pop releases, including Stray Kids’ 5-STAR, Aespa’s My World, and BOYNEXTDOOR’s WHO! albums. They also have older albums, lightsticks, merch, and other releases from groups such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, and ENHYPEN.

If you don’t have the best luck pulling your favorite member’s photocards from their group’s albums, worry not as Chingu Dachi has a variety of K-pop photocards for sale.

Stock up on cute stationery from Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge

Level up your bag, room, or K-pop collection with cute knick-knacks from this brand-new stationery shop. And while you’re there, make sure to snap a couple of pics for the ‘gram!

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Address: Collective Base Complex, Basement 2, Promenade Mall Greenhills
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 11am-8pm (Closed on Mondays)

Cover image adapted from: Sonata’s Love Letter Lounge via Facebook