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Potang Bengi In Pampanga Is A Hawker-Themed Restaurant Serving Singaporean, Japanese & Thai Food

Potang Bengi in Angeles, Pampanga

You might still be saving up for your major trip across Asia. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tick off the cultural experiences on your bucket list while you’re still in the Philippines.

To try different Asian cuisines in one convenient location, go to Potang Bengi in Angeles City, Pampanga. It’s a restaurant that gives diners the hawker stall experience, featuring food from 4 countries – Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Hawker center-inspired interior

Potang Bengi interior
Hawker center-like interior.
Image credit: Wen Clemnt

Potang Bengi has an indoor-outdoor set-up so you get both fresh air and a roof above your head so you can best enjoy their food.

Diners can order their different offerings from a waiter. However, each cuisine is prepared at the different hawker stall-like counters.

These stalls are painted with vibrant artworks which borrow elements from Singapore, Thailand, and Japan, making the restaurant a great spot to take photos for the ‘gram.

Singaporean, Japanese, and Thai cuisine

Potang Bengi - lobster laksa
Lobster laksa.
Image credit: Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eastery

The restaurant serves famous dishes from Singapore, Japan, and Thailand.

Some of the Singaporean favorites on their menu are laksa (starts at P229, ~USD3.89) and satay (from P270, ~USD4.59).

Potang Bengi - yakitori
Image credit: @potangbengiasianeatery

As for Japanese dishes, they mostly have grilled skewers such as yakitori (chicken skewers) (from P110, ~USD1.87) but they also serve tempura and yakisoba.

Potang Bengi - som tam
Som tam or papaya salad.
Image credit: Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eatery

They have the most variety among their Thai dishes, some of the more popular ones being som tam (papaya salad) (P115, ~USD1.96), pad krapow moo (crispy pork jowl) (P325, ~USD5.53), and tom yum goong (sour and spicy soup) (P375, ~USD6.38).

Filipino fusion recipes

Potang Bengi - Thai Sisig
Thai sisig.
Image credit: Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eatery.

If you’re craving Filipino food, Potang Bengi also offers all-day Filipino breakfast meals and Kapampangan food. Of course, sisig – a dish of chopped pork face, onions, and chilies – is on the menu.

For something unique, you can also try their Filipino fusion dishes such as Thai sisig (P189, ~USD3.21) and spicy kaldereta that’s a combination of Singaporean beef rendang and Filipino kaldereta (P258, ~USD4.39).

Live music and karaoke

live music
Live music.
Image credit: Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eatery

Potang Bengi also serves beer which pairs well with these flavorful Asian dishes. But to make the dining experience even more enjoyable, they have local musicians provide live music on some evenings.

They even host karaoke nights on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays from 5PM onwards for diners who love to sing.

Hawker center-like restaurant in Pampanga

Don’t miss out on gastronomic experiences while you save for your trip and head to Potang Bengi in Angeles, Pampanga.

Their food from across Asia might just inspire you to work harder so you’ll be enjoying these recipes in their origin countries in a couple of years!

Address: Richtofen Street corner Westerways Avenue, Hensonville Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga
Opening hours:
11.30AM-12AM, Daily
0915 973 8598
Potang Bengi’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Wen Clemnt, Potang Bengi Seafood Grill and Asian Eastery, and @potangbengiasianeatery