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Panco Cafe In Makati Serves Melbourne-Roasted Coffee & Filipino-Inspired Drinks

Panco Cafe in Makati

There are many cafes that pepper the metro. But if you’re a self-acclaimed coffee connoisseur, finding a coffee shop that offers something new can still be a challenge.

Panco Cafe in Makati lets you taste Melbourne-roasted coffee without paying for an expensive flight to the land down under. It’s located in Legazpi Village, right smack in the CBD, making it accessible for busy folks.

Melbourne-roasted coffee

Coffee-based drinks from Panco Cafe.
Image credit: @ihavebeanto

Panco Cafe uses Brazil Single Origin coffee beans roasted in Melbourne. If you’re wondering why Melbourne-roasted coffee beans are a big deal, it’s because the city is known for its lighter and smoother roast with stronger hints of caramel.

To taste Melbourne coffee in its purest form, get Panco Cafe’s black coffee (from  P130, ~USD2.23). If you enjoy coffee better when it’s infused with other flavors, they also have lattes (starts at P185, ~USD3.18) and mocha (from P195, ~USD3.35).

Filipino-inspired drinks

Ube Pinipig.
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Besides Melbourne-roasted coffee, the cafe also offers Filipino-inspired non-coffee drinks as an homage to our country.

Their Ube Pinipig (P135, ~USD2.32) is made with locally sourced milk infused with ube halaya (purple yam jam) and pinipig (roast pounded glutinuous rice) for a nutty taste.

They also have a drink called Kalma (P135, ~USD2.32) that’s a blend of kalamansi (Philippine lime) and matcha. This may be an unexpected combination of flavors, but it’s become a favorite to many diners who’s had the drink for the first time at Panco Cafe.

Filipino fusion dishes

House-Made Tinapa.
Image credit: @marladarwin

Panco Cafe also serves familiar Filipino breakfast flavors. They serve dishes such as Charred Longganisa (sausage), Chicken Tocino (sweetened cured meat), and House-Made Tinapa (smoked fish).

If you don’t feel like having breakfast, get Panco’s Special Inasal (grilled chicken), Cheesy Kaldereta (tomato-based stew), and Tuna Salpicao (tuna stir-fried with soy and garlic).

Panco’s Kakanin.
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You can have these dishes Melbourne-style as a sandwich with chips and atsara (pickled papaya) or Manila-style with rice.

For dessert, try Panco’s Kakanin which is a fusion of sticky rice, ube, and creme brulee.

Minimalist space

Artworks by Didi Nyu.
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This Makati cafe has a minimalist, modern Scandinavian interior. It’s the perfect space for decluttering your mind after or in between work.

You can also fuel your creative juices here not just with coffee but with fun, colorful art pieces by local artists such as Didi Nyu.

Try Melbourne-roasted coffee in Makati

There’s no more need to fly from country to country to taste different types of coffee with businesses such as Panco Cafe.

If you work in the Makati CBD, you won’t even need to leave the area to get this new experience!

Address: 110 Don Carlos Palanca Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila
Opening hours:
Sat-Wed 7Am-9PM | Thu-Fri 7AM-10PM
0943 256 9033
Panco Cafe’s Facebook | Instagram

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