Kabutongan Waterfalls guide

Cebu is known for its magical falls with Gatorade-blue waters, and to find the most beautiful spot to take a swim or cliff dive, many flock to the more popular Kawasan Falls or the Mantayupan Falls, overlooking some of the hidden gems. 

Enter the Kabutongan Waterfalls, one of the most underrated falls in the Cebu area. If you are looking for somewhere secluded and magical to cliff dive and swim around, the four-level waterfall will not disappoint. Here’s what you can expect to see there.

A secluded pool enclosed by stone walls

kabutongan falls
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Taking a dip in the secluded pool of the Kabutongan Waterfalls is a great way to unwind and recharge as you will be immersed in stunningly blue waters and the serenity of nature. 

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - Blue Waters in the Aquamarine Pools
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In the pool area enclosed by stone walls, you can find the perfect rock to lie down and soak in some Vitamin D while enjoying the cool water. 

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - Person swimming in Aquamarine pools
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Cliff dive off 2 different levels into the cave pool

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - Person preparing to cliff dive
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Here’s what adrenaline junkies have been waiting for. The viewpoint of the Kabutongan Falls has two levels for you to cliff dive from. One is a 5-meter jump, while the other is about 8-9 meters high. 

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - Person cliff diving off the falls
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The water below is deep enough for you to safely jump – just look out for debris in the water below first. 

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - Person enjoying the view of the falls from the Kabutongan Waterfalls viewpoint
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Even if you do not plan on cliff diving, you can still take a climb up and enjoy the scenery. You will get a bird’s eye view of the Kabutongan Waterfalls, including its blue waters and the nature surrounding it.

Afterwards, you can simply walk back down and enjoy the deep aquamarine pools.

Explore a charming hidden cave

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - Entrance to the hidden cave
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Hidden behind a small cascading waterfall lies a cave waiting to be explored. Much like starring in your own adventure movie, you can swim under the waterfall to reach the cave. Then, you can explore the cave that stretches about 20 meters.  

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - View from inside the hidden cave
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Once you are in the cave, you can enjoy the falls from a different point of view. Light enters the cave at various openings which makes for a great picture opportunity, so don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera.

Kabutongan Waterfalls, Cebu - View in the cave and behind the waterfall
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Entry fee for the Kabutongan Waterfalls

The entrance fee for the Kabutongan Waterfalls is at an affordable price of P100 (~USD2.06)

Should you need a guide, there are local tour guides available there. Guides know the area well and can show you the best way to enjoy the falls. Their rates are negotiable as well. 

Last but not least, don’t forget your life vest that is available for rent on-site before you hit the water. 

Kabutongan Waterfalls is a hidden gem in Cebu

For those who appreciate hidden gems and are always on the lookout for an adventure, Kabutongan Waterfalls is not to be missed. As the Kabutongan Waterfalls is untouched by many tourists, you can enjoy peace and serenity as you explore the area. 

Do note that getting to Kabutongan Waterfalls requires a 30-45 minute trek from the trailhead of Kabutongan at San Isidro Chapel in Barangay. Looc, but it will be worth the effort the moment you set your eyes on the stunning blue waters of the falls. 

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