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Intramuros Minecraft & Video Tours Now Available, Netizens Ask For More Virtual Online Philippine Landmark Tours

Filipino gamer creates Intramuros in Minecraft

Deep into the quarantine season, travelling is now something foreign to us. But we don’t need to fret over the places we want to visit outdoors, as virtual tours can fill in our wanderlust in the meantime. And fortunately, a creative Filipino gamer who goes by the name of JST Creations has been building historical Philippine landmarks on Minecraft, so we can take virtual tours in-game.

We can now travel the country from home by exploring his digital versions of Philippine landmarks such as the Manila City Hall. Most recently, JST creations has also introduced his Minecraft rendition of Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila

Fort Santiago reimagined in Minecraft

Intramuros virtual tours Image adapted from: Alberto Brenlla and JST Creations

The reimagination is a panoramic rendition of Intramuros’ Fort Santiago, complete with the famous wall and sprawling lush gardens of the famous citadel. 

Intramuros virtual toursImage credit: JST Creations

Seeing the full work can make you feel as if you were on an actual virtual tour, so much so that even the Intramuros Administration recommended it as a way for us to #travelfromhome. 

Intramuros virtual tours - Intramuros Administration
Image credit: Intramuros Administration

Intramuros virtual tour in Minecraft offers historical lessons

Aside from hovering your eyes over the eye-catching Minecraft creation, you can learn mini historical tidbits about the fortress along the way.

The full Minecraft tour upload on YouTube is accompanied by details such as how Intramuros became the headquarters of several colonizers in Philippine history.

Intramuros virtual tours - JST creationsImage credit: JST Creations

Previously, the gamer also published his vision of what Manila Cathedral could be like as a Minecraft landmark.  

Also check out the Intramuros Administration’s Intramuros video tour

The Intramuros Administration itself has also created a virtual video tour of the historic fortress – though not in Minecraft, it’s 7 minutes of real-life footage filled with more in-depth details about the site’s history and sections.

Intramuros virtual tours - Fort Santiago video tour
Image credit: Intramuros Administration

Netizens request more Minecraft tours

JST Creations’s Fort Santiago work has been receiving praise, with fellow gamer Kala Bi even requesting them to make a version of UP Diliman’s Quezon Hall. 

Intramuros virtual tours
Image credit:
JST Creations

YouTuber Damiane Manzo has also been requesting for a Quiapo Church virtual tour. 

Intramuros virtual tours
Image credit: Damiane Manzo 

Enjoy Intramuros virtual tours while staying safe

While we’re cooped up at home during this pandemic, we can still make the most of our quarantine days with video or in-game Intramuros virtual tours that help us take our imaginations to its beautiful historical space, even if we can’t be physically present there. 

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Cover image adapted from: JST Creations, Intramuros Administration