Ibagiw Creative Festival 2022 in Baguio

Baguio has a bustling art and culture scene, earning it the title UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art. For a big celebration of art, the city is holding the third edition of the Ibagiw Creative Festival.

Plenty of events are in store to replenish your creative juices from 12th to 28th November 2022 at various locations in the city.

Art exhibits and showcases

BenCab Museum
BenCab Museum.
Image credit: @jellybienes

The Ibagiw Creative Festival 2022 includes a number of exhibits to fill your month with art.

There’s Plata ti Kordilyera, a silver jewelry exhibit featuring the works of local artisans. It will be held from 12th to 20th November at Saint Louis Center on Assumption Road.

See contemporary art exhibits at Baguio’s 3 key galleries – BenCab Museum, Tam-Awan Village, and VOCAS. These will showcase the work of rising local artists starting from 11th November until the end of the year.

Baguio wall mural
A mural in Baguio.

Image credit: @karljoshuaramos

You can also enjoy Communities Artscape, a community theater and mural art zone. You’ll find these at barangays Happy Hollow and Bakakeng throughout November.

These are only some of the showcases that are part of Baguio’s Ibagiw Creative Festival in 2022.

Other artistic events to watch out for

Ibagiw Creative Festival - Mandeko Kito
Mandeko Kito artisans’ market in 2021.
Image credit: Baguio Creative City

You can also catch other artistic events in Baguio in November.

Check out a cosplay competition at the Baguio Country Club from the 18th to 20th of November to see your favorite pop culture characters brought to life. Cosplayers, along with local vendors and artists, will still be on Session Road every Sunday.

Watch different fashion styles on a street runway at the HARVEST Street Fashion Show on 20 November on Assumption Road. Check back to the same spot on 25th November for the Ethnic Jazz Fest for a treat for your ears.

You’re sure to find plenty of handicraft vendors throughout the month. But to see a great variety, drop by the Mandeko Kito artisans’ market from 12th to 20th November at Saint Louis Center.

Baguio City’s creative festival

Baguio City gives tourists another reason to visit in November besides cold temperatures with the vibrant Ibagiw Creative Festival.

Have a look at the full schedule of events for the creative festival here.

Baguio Creative City’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @jellybienes, @karljoshuaramos, and Baguio Creative City 


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