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From fish cakes to egg drop sandwiches, more Korean delicacies such as bungeoppang (fish-shaped pastry), hotteok (pancake with filling) and even their recently trending Korean ades (drinks from drink pouches) are making its way into Filipino foodies’ hearts.

If those sound enticing to you, visit Cafe Janggeum in Pasay City where you can enjoy affordable Korean food and even snag a bite of their croffles, toast, and Fatcaroons, a huge Korean version of a macaron.

Variety of affordable Korean desserts, snacks, and drinks

Cafe Janggeum in Pasay - Korean dessert
Bungeoppang (left) and Korean Honey Butter Toast (right).
Image adapted from: @cafejanggeum and @cafejanggeum

Cafe Janggeum offers a variety of Korean dessert pastries from Honey Butter Toast (P220, ~USD3.78) to Croffles (croissant waffles) (P250, ~USD4.29) to the popular bungeoppang, a fish-shaped pastry that’s usually filled with red bean paste.

At the coffee shop, you can enjoy two-piece sets of bungeoppang in any four flavors. Choose from sweet flavors red bean, custard, and chocolate that cost P150 (~USD2.58) each, or the savory pizza flavor for P180 (~USD3.09).

You can also go for their two-piece Ssiat Hotteok (Busan-style seed-filled pancake) for P150 (~USD2.58).

Image credit: @__shra.07

Aside from pastries, you’re welcome to try their snacks as well. Opt for the Tteokbokki (P300, ~USD5.15) or the Rabokki (P350, ~USD6) to share among up to three persons.

If you’re not used to spicy food, you can try the Rose Tteokbokki (P400, ~USD6.86) for a milder taste.

Cafe Janggeum in Pasay - Korean drinks
Bingsu Milkshake, Iced Cafe Latte, Sunset Ade, and Green Grape Ade
Image adapted from: @cafejanggeum, @eyedaily_, and @cafejanggeum

Of course, your meal wouldn’t be complete without drinks. The coffee shop also offers an array of ice-blended, coffee, and non-coffee beverages as well as Korean ades.

If you like bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert), then you’ll like their ice-blended Bingsu Milkshake for P180 (~USD3.09). You can also give their hot or iced Dalgona Latte (P130-P170, ~USD2.23-USD2.92) a try for a sweet boost of energy.

Alternatively, if you prefer refreshing tea, go for their Yuja Tea (P130-P170, ~USD2.23-USD2.92) or their new Green Grape Ade (P200, ~USD3.44).

Korean macarons

Cafe Janggeum in Pasay - Korean Fatcaroons
Korean version of the French Macaron, Fatcaroons.
Image adapted from: @cafejanggeum and @cafejanggeum

Macaron lovers will be excited about Cafe Janggeum’s Korean macarons – Fatcaroons – that come in 12 flavors including Tiramisu, Matcha, and Ppotto (cheese).

You can get them individually for P80 (~USD1.37) or packed in boxes of four (P300, ~USD5.15), six (P450, ~USD7.72), and eight (P600, ~USD10.30) to share with friends.

Korean-style coffee shop extension

Cafe Janggeum in Pasay - extension
Image credit: @cafejanggeum

While Cafe Janggeum has its own stores located in SM City Dasmariñas and SM City Tanza, Pasay’s Cafe Janggeum is located within a Korean restaurant called Jang Geum Kitchen.

Jang Geum Kitchen
Image credit: Jang Geum Kitchen

Feel free to visit Jang Geum Kitchen for Korean barbecue packages plus dishes, from rice meals such as Bibimbap and Bulgogi Deopbap to cold noodles such as Kimchi Mari Kuksoo and Bibim Naengmyeon for an all-Korean dining experience.

Cafe Janggeum in Pasay

Head over to Cafe Janggeum in Pasay City where you can indulge in all things Korean from drinks down to snacks.

Make a day of it and help yourself to some Korean barbecue, before entering the coffee shop to wind down and have some tasty dessert.

Address: C114-C115 Jang Geum Kitchen, Met Live, Macapagal Boulevard, Corner EDSA extension, Pasay City
Opening hours: 11am-12am, Daily
Contact: 0936 586 6740
Email: [email protected]

Cafe Janggeum’s Facebook | Instagram

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