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Grumpy Joe Opens New Baguio Branch, Serves Pizza & Pasta Faves In Chic, Tropical Interiors

Grumpy Joe opens new branch in Upper Session Road

Grumpy Joe is among the most well-loved restaurants in Baguio City. Locals, tourists, and temporary residents alike find comfort in their hearty servings of US and Italian food, particularly their pizza and pasta.

In December last year, the restaurant announced the closure of its Leonard Wood Road branch. However, in the same month, they re-opened with a bigger, refreshed space at a new location on Upper Session Road.

Sophisticated, tropical interiors

Grumpy Joe Gibraltar - interior 1
The restaurant’s tropical interiors
Image credit: Grumpy Joe

Grumpy Joe’s new space is far more spacious than its previous one, so you no longer need to wait in line for a long time to get your comfort meal. The restaurant also leveled up its interiors, going for a tropical yet sophisticated vibe with wooden ceiling panels and light fixtures.

Grumpy Joe Gibraltar - interior 2
Another area of the restaurant
Image credit: @breeguzmann

White walls and mirror wall fixtures give the place a refreshing look to go with the comfort that your favorite food brings. For a splash of color at the main dining area, the floors are covered with intricate, Spanish-style tiles.

With the restaurant’s whole look, rattan chairs with solihiya weaves have never looked so chic.

Closing their Leonard Wood location

Grumpy Joe Leonard Wood
The restaurant’s old Leonard Wood location

Image credit:

Unfortunately for foodies who have fond memories of the old Grumpy Joe at Leonard Wood, the branch no longer exists – neither do the other restaurants at the old location as the whole building has been demolished.

Not to worry, though, as Grumpy Joe still serves the familiar flavors that we love at their new branch.

Still serves pasta and pizza favorites

Grumpy Joe Gibraltar - spicy seafood pesto
Spicy seafood pesto
Image credit:

You’re guaranteed to find your regular Grumpy Joe orders at their new place. Their menu still has its impressive variety of pizza and pasta dishes.

New diners, however, can never go wrong with their best-sellers, such as the spicy seafood pesto (P280, ~USD5.48) generously topped with squid, shrimp, and mussels. Their melty, 5-cheese pizza (starts at P305, ~USD5.97) is another crowd favorite.

Grumpy Joe Gibraltar - pizzta
The Pizzta
Image credit:

If you’re looking for something a little unconventional, you can also get pizza and pasta in one with their Pizzta (P760, ~USD14.87) which is penne sandwiched in two layers of cheesy pizza.

Wide variety of sides

Grumpy Joe Gibraltar - buffalo wings and fried chicken
Fried chicken and Buffalo wings

Image credit:

Grumpy Joe also kept its expansive menu of sides, from classic fried chicken to chicken wings in Buffalo, Jalapeno cheddar, honey garlic, and Parmesan flavors. For lighter sides, they also have fries, mojos, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and other diner-staple finger food.

If you’re looking for something to cut the grease, you can also order a side of Greek, Caesar, or Asian salad or get a slice of blueberry or pistachio cheesecake for dessert.

Grumpy Joe moves to a new location

Grumpy Joe may have moved to a fancier, more spacious location, but they’re still offering the tasteful and nostalgic menu items we love.

If you’re planning to make the trip to Baguio to get a taste of the restaurant’s food, the city is currently not accepting new tourist applications. Tourists with approved schedules from the VISITA website, however, can still enter the city.

If you’re from the city, you can also have your favorite comfort food from the dining spot delivered through any local, third-party delivery service.

Address: 49 Upper Session Road, Gibraltar, Baguio City
Opening hours:
10AM-8.30PM, Daily
0916 493 6879 | (074)665 2250
Grumpy Joe’s Facebook | Instagram

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