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8 Wacky Shop Names Such As “Lord Of The Wings” & “7-Evelyn” Resurface Online, Proving Filipinos’ Creativity

Funny Filipino shop signs

They say you only have one chance to make an impression – and that applies to anyone coming up with a memorable shop name and sign to capture the attention of passers-by.

Once again, these netizen-taken photos of creative, pun-infused funny Filipino shop signs are making the rounds on the Internet – thanks to reposts by the meme page Anonymous Lapu-Lapu. Here are 8 of our faves.

1. “Egg Sheeran” – a tribute to the chart-topping UK singer

egg sheeran philippines
Egg Sheeran appears to be an supplier of yolk jokes
Image credit: slktycn, Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

Redditor slktycn spotted a provision shop in Butuan City named Egg Sheeran – possibly a hat tip to the trend where people made Ed Sheeran-themed Easter eggs in 2017, the same year that the UK singer’s hit “Shape Of You” topped charts.

From the egg trays and the “Fresh eggs everyday!” sign at the shop entrance, not to mention the “Itlog inside” (Eggs inside) sign that’s a pun on the Intel logo, we can only presume this egg supplier has plenty of time on their hands for creativity. Go ahead and place your orders with them on their Facebook page here.

2. Philippine Hair Lines – for cuts befitting air crew?

philippine hair lines
Philippine Hair Lines – perhaps where you could get a stewardess-worthy ‘do
Image credit: @junrobleslana, Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

A photo of Philippine Hair Lines – a hair salon whose name pays tribute to our national carrier – originally posted by Jun Robles Lana last January has been making the rounds again.

Turns out, this isn’t a real salon but actually part of a filming set for Big Night, an upcoming film by The IdeaFirst Company whose director and co-leader is Lana himself.

If the ingenious marketing gimmick hasn’t piqued your interest in the film, perhaps the synopsis will. Lana describes the film as the story of “Dharna (Christian Bables), a law-abiding, peace-loving gay beautician who owns Philippine Hair Lines, a small salon in one of the slums of Manila” who goes through a “frustrating, and unbelievably comical, bureaucratic odyssey in pursuit of answers and people that could clear his name” when he is accused of a crime.

Sounds like a stream-worthy flick to chase our quarantine blues away.

3. 7-Evelyn – sari-sari aesthetic meets the global convenience store brand

seven evelyn sign
7-Evelyn – a neighborhood sundry store sign that was a loving tribute to the global chain
Image credit: Chad Gray Jet Pazaol, Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

Originally shared by Chad Gray Jet Pazaol back in December 2019, a humble Butuan City sari-sari‘s creative 7-Evelyn signboard caught everyone’s attention for its resemblance to 7-Eleven – including the Philippine management of the convenience store franchise themselves.

seven evelyn shop
Image credit: Calvin Pasaol Carlson

Shortly after Pazaol’s post went viral, a 7-Eleven manager made a trip down to the store to ask the owner to remove the sign due to copyright concerns.

seven evelyn sari sari shop
Image credit: Calvin Pasaol Carlson

A photo taken four months later in March 2020 shows that the store owner has since complied and removed the famous signage.

7 evelyn
Image credit: Calvin Pasaol Carlson

Still, Carlson paid tribute to the iconic storefront a year after Pazaol’s fame-making photo was posted, wishing 7-Evelyn a happy first anniversary.

4. Lord of the Wings – no prizes for guessing what street food it serves

lord of the wings
Image credit: Dateline Davao, Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

Originally posted by Dateline Davao back in 2008, Lord Of The Wings was a lechon manok (roast chicken) stall in Toril, Davao City. While it’s safe to assume the owner was a fan of The Lord of the Rings movie and film trilogy, we can’t find the original business listing 13 years on.

However, a Facebook search reveals that there is now a similarly named lechon stall about 70KM away along Apokon Road, Tagum City, Davao del Norte called Lord Of The Wings Lechon House. Perhaps naming it The Return Of The Wings would have been more apt.

5. Fish Be With You – a seafood shop with free blessings

fish be with you
Image credit: Anonymous Lapu-Lapu, Waves Without Sounds

Reposted by Malory Columbretis back in 2014, a picture of seafood shop Fish Be With You evokes the Catholic blessing that dates back to the New Testament.

While we’re not sure where the original shop was located, many similarly named businesses exist today in the Philippines – from an ornamental fish shop in Bacolod City to a fish market providing home delivery in Central Luzon. Clearly, the name resonates with many.

6. Summacum Laundry – cleaning your garments with the highest distinction

summa cum laundry sign
Image credit: Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

While we couldn’t track down the exact address of the original Summacum Laundry or the original poster of a photo of its shop sign, a 2009 Pinoy Funny Ideas blog post says the laundromat was located in University Belt, Manila.

summa cum laundry
Las Piñas City’s Summa Cum Laundry
Image adapted from SUMMA Cum Laundry

Makes sense to us – perhaps high-scoring students would have wanted freshly washed clothes befitting their grades. Today, laundromats with similarly named and equally funny Filipino shop signs have popped up in Las Piñas City and General Santos City.

7. Bread Pit – a bakery named after the Hollywood star

bread pit
Image credit: Alodia Gosiengfiao, Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

Originally snapped by Alodia Gosiengfiao back in 2010, Bread Pit is a bakery whose original location is unknown. What’s for sure is that it was a tribute to the Mr. & Mrs. Smith actor back when his marriage with Angelina Jolie and their moniker, Brangelina, were hot topics.

The name lives on in the form of several home bakeries in Caloocan and in the Iligan City area that take Facebook orders.

8. Hair Force One – for haircuts worthy of the US president

hair force one
Image credit: A. Trofeo, Leiza, Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

Already making the rounds on the Internet since a 2013 blog post by Leiza, Hair Force One appears to be a men’s barber shop whose name pays homage to the US president’s dedicated airplanes.

To get your own White House-worthy haircut, head to the name’s current incarnation in Cayagan de Oro – where ladies are also welcome to get haircuts, pedicures, manicures, and massages despite the traditionally masculine branding.

Funny Filipino shop names tickle netizens

There’s many more where these came from – check out the repost to see gems such as a Siogo! Siomai On The Go! stall, a sari-sari called Sana Mall (SM), and more.

And perhaps if you spot any hilariously named stores when walking down the street, don’t hesitate to snap a photo and share it online – it might just help small local businesses get the extra publicity they need in these tough economic times.

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Cover image adapted from: slktycn, Chad Gray Jet Pazaol