EDSA Shaw Flyover seen engulfed with smoke-like cloud due to an accident

It seems like 2020 isn’t going less bizarre anytime soon. An accident between a Toyota Avanza and an Isuzu vehicle caused a massive smoke-like cloud on the EDSA-Shaw Flyover on Monday morning, September 1st. 

Netizen Wilhem Guerrero captured the scenes from the accident inside his vehicle. Fortunately, rescue teams immediately came to the scene. 

Netizen spotted the accident first-hand

edsa shaw metro manila accident 1 sept 2020
Image credit: Wilhem Guerrero

“Accident at EDSA Shaw flyover just now. I hope everyone involved [is] are okay. Rescue teams arrived so I didnt [didn’t] stay na,” Guerrero said on his Facebook post.

1 sept 2020 edsa accident manila
Image adapted from: Wilhem Guerrero

In the video, what looks like smoke is seen billowing from a vehicle crash site, and instrumental music happens to be playing in Guerrero’s car as if the accident he was just witnessing was happening in a movie. Guerrero later explained that two vehicles had crashed – an Avanza and an Isuzu.

Netizens asked why there seemed to be so much smoke

EDSA Shaw Flyover accident
Image credit: Marisa Trillo-Barot

Authorities are now determining the further details as to the cause of the accident, but netizens cannot help but wonder why there seemed to be a huge smoke cloud. Netizen Marisa Barot, for instance, commented on Guerrero’s post in panic: “Why was there so much smoke?!?” 

“There was a burst of flame with thick smoke sa engine [coming from the engine] after the Avanza hit the Isuzu,” Guerrero responded. But he assumed that “the white smoke seemed more like steam probably from the engine fluids.” Fortunately, the cloud quickly dissipated when he was on the scene so he was able to pass by the accident safely. 

An accident that seemed to be ‘from an indie film’

EDSA Shaw Flyover accident
Image credit: Chris Lim

Chris Lim, meanwhile, noticed the instrumental music playing inside Guerrero’s vehicle, adding a comment that the accident seemed to have happened in an indie film: Parang indie movie with orchestrated music.” (It’s like an indie movie with orchestrated music.)

EDSA Shaw Flyover accident
Image credit: James Deakin 

Automotive journalist James Deakin also took notice of the accident when it was shared in a post by netizen Roy Moralde. Deakin asked his followers if anyone knew what’s happening behind the photo, to which Lo Richie gave a thoughtful response, saying that car owners should always have fire extinguishers in case they encounter accidents like this on the road.

Keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle at all times

EDSA Shaw Flyover accident
Image credit: Lo Richie

“It’s good practice to have fire extinguishers in our cars. In fact, every car should have one, ang problem [but the problem] is the owners tend to store it away from view to the point na [to the point when it has already] expire na before pa mapansin [expired before they even take notice],” Richie explained.

EDSA Shaw Flyover accident Image credit: Kyle Marlo Herrera

Kyle Marlo Herrera, also responding to Deakin, posted this overhead shot of the EDSA-Shaw Flyover at 10.47AM local time. According to him, the photo is of the accident site after the accident, although he wasn’t sure at the time if the scene had been fully cleared. “Shot is from the site after the accident. I can see cars passing through concluding the road is open. Just not sure if it has been cleared,” he said.

Staying safe while driving

The EDSA-Shaw Flyover accident shows the importance of checking our vehicles regularly and keeping life-saving equipment such as a fire extinguisher within our vehicles at all times.

Let’s not forget to mind our safety while going out on the road, making sure we have crossed all the items on our safety checklist before leaving our homes. 

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Cover image adapted from: Wilhem Guerrero


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