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DINE’amite in Bulacan Is A BTS-Themed Korean Barbecue Spot With IG-Worthy Feature Walls

DINE’amite in Bulacan

While the members of the Grammy nominated K-pop group BTS are currently pursuing their individual careers, their fans – ARMY – surely miss them. For this reason, we go to the places that the K-pop group has visited as well as the businesses that they have inspired, including cafes.

If you want to bask in a bit of BTS nostalgia while chowing down something savory, head to DINE’amite in Balagtas, Bulacan. This Korean barbecue spot is not only named after one of BTS’ hit songs but it’s also filled with BTS-themed decor that’ll make your fangirl or fanboy heart happy.

BTS-themed interiors

DINE'amite Balagtas - BTS-themed wall
Permission to Dance-themed wall.
Image credit: @dineamite.balagtas

DINE’amite is decked with BTS paraphernalia that’ll certainly delight fans. There are several areas in the restaurant that highlight particular BTS releases, such as Love Yourself: Answer, Permission to Dance, and Butter.

You’ll also find a Dynamite era standee of the boys to take photos with. Plus, a standee of Jin oversees the dining area to make sure you’re eating well while the real Jin is fulfilling his service for the Korean army.

Unlimited Korean barbecue and side dishes

DINE'amite Balagtas - BTS-themed wall 2
Love Yourself: Answer-themed area.
Image credit: @dineamite.balagtas

Because staring at handsome Korean men won’t stave off hunger, we also have to talk about DINE’amite’s K-BBQ offerings. For P450/person (~USDx), you get unlimited pork, chicken, and beef for 2 hours.

Of course, banchan (side dishes) are also unlimited. The samgyeopsal spot’s banchan offerings include kimchi, spicy cucumber, fishcakes, braised potato, Korean sweet corn, and cheese.

Wings and milk tea

Mipanda Balagtas - Taho milk tea
Taho-topped milk tea.
Image credit: @mipandabalagtas

The BTS album isn’t the only wings you’ll find here. DINE’amite serves unlimited chicken wings for P250/person (~USDx) for 2 hours. Choose from 12 flavors from classic to lemon glazed, sweet chili and mango habanero. You can enjoy their chicken wings at your own pace when you order a la carte.

You can satisfy even more cravings as DINE’amite also offers a variety of milk tea (from P100, ~USDx). Besides the classic milk tea flavors, they have fruit teas, and even cheesecake- and taho-topped (silken tofu) teas, apart from other yummy add-ons.

Promos and discounts

DINE'amite Balagtas - Eat and Win BTS album
One of DINE’amite’s past Eat and Win promos.
Image credit: @dineamite.balagtas

If you’re on a gastos lockdown but want to reward yourself to unlimited samgyeopsal at a BTS-themed place, watch out for DINE’amite’s social media for seasonal discounts and promos.

Besides price cuts, the restaurant would have Eat and Win promos where you get a chance to win BTS albums. Previously, they’ve given away the member’s solo albums, particularly Jin’s The Astronaut and j-hope’s Jack in the Box.

Make your ARMY heart and tummy happy at DINE’amite

At DINE’amite, you don’t only get your fill of samgyeopsal but also get the chance to win BTS albums when you visit.

Plus, being surrounded by BTS decor will definitely make the dining experience extra special for ARMY!

Address: Unit 2, MLP Building, Barangay Wawa, Balagtas, Bulacan
Opening hours:
11am-10pm, Daily
0949 011 9006
DINE’amite’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @dineamite.balagtas, @mipandabalagtas