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8 Desks You Can Use For Gaming, Work & Study To Boost Your Productivity

Computer desks, gaming desks, and study desks in the Philippines

Experts say it is essential to create a dedicated work or study desk that separates its area from the rest of your home, setting the appropriate mood for work or play.

And since there are too many desk options to choose from, we’ve narrowed them down for you according to what you need a desk for:

— Study desks for online classes —

A sturdy study desk will never go out of style for households with students, especially nowadays, as digital distance learning is a daily affair.

We’ve compiled a couple of study table models you would find helpful:

1. Avery Modern Study Table – affordable Scandinavian design

Study table
The Avery modern study table in white

Image credit: Avery online store

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and Scandi-inspired aesthetic, the Avery Modern Study Table (P1,999, ~USD39) will fit your criteria because of its natural wood designs and peg-style legs.

You’ll also get enough storage space for school supplies and study materials with either 3 or 4 drawers and ample desk space, as the Avery table measures 120 x 50 x 73cm.

Get the Avery Modern Study Table here.

2. IKEA Flisat – sturdy and functional children’s desk

study table for kids
The IKEA Flisat

Image credit: IKEA PH

Younger kids are also trying to get their education at home, and it can be challenging to find the perfect size for growing toddlers; good thing the IKEA Flisat (P4,990, ~USD97) can be adjusted to three different heights, so it can be used for both homework and crafts as the child grows.

Speaking of crafting, the Flisat has a removable rod where you can attach a roll of drawing paper for kids who love to draw or paint non-stop.

Get the IKEA Flisat here.

3. Blake Working Table – L-shaped study table with useful storage

L-shape study table
The Blake working table

Image credit: @Furnituresourcephils

Furniture Source’s Blake working table (P7,995, ~USD155) fits perfectly in tight corners of your room. This desk has enough surface area for a computer set-up and writing space.

The double-level shelving and enclosed cubby hole are perfect for books, learning modules, and writing materials for studying.

Get the Blake working table here.

— Work desks for home offices —

Choosing the right table helps create a conducive space for you to work for hours inside your home, allowing you to be more productive.

The following office desks provide both functionality and aesthetics:

4. Lagkapten-Tillslag Desk – a minimalist’s work table

light weight office table
IKEA Lagkapten-Tillslag Desk

Image credit: IKEA PH

The IKEA Lagkapten-Tillslag Desk (P3,390, ~USD65) is ideal for those who are into pristine and minimalist setups, since it has clean design lines and a light flat surface available in natural colors.

Another thing to note is that this desk has solid but lightweight materials, making it effortless to assemble and move around the house so you can finally settle on the perfect spot for your online meetings.

Get the Lagkapten-Tillslag Desk here.

5. Marrone table – solid wood desktop you can use for years

mahogany office table
The Marrone table

Image credit: @actswoodph

Customized solid-wood furniture can cost a fortune these days, but the Marrone table (P6,300, ~USD122) from Acts Woodworks lets you have a well-built office desk at an affordable price.

The metal pin legs and solid mahogany top of the Marrone create a modern industrial style that offers a rugged table that can support your laptop and monitors on desk clamps — while still being able to fit in a compact space.

Get the Marrone table here.

6. Stance Executive Single Motor Standing Desk – allows you to sit or stand while working

standing desk
The Stance Executive Standing Desk

Image credit: @Stancephilippines

Many studies talk about how standing improves posture and overall back health, so think about upgrading to the Stance Executive Single Motor Standing Desk (P18,490, ~USD359) to lessen your back pain from sitting for around eight hours a day.

This standing desk can carry up to 90kg, so it can support a multi-monitor setup. You can also pre-program 4 heights, as the desk allows you to seamlessly adjust the desk’s positions for sitting and standing.

Get the Stance Executive Single Motor Standing Desk here.

— Desks for Gaming —

Whether you’re a professional or a newbie gamer, having a functional yet exciting-looking table is integral to a fun gaming setup.

Check out our list of gaming desks below:

7. Sharkoon SKILLER SDG1 – rounded-off, sloped edges ease gaming fatigue

gaming deskThe Sharkoon Sharkoon SKILLER SDG1
Image credit:

Some people wonder why there are dedicated gaming tables; well, the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 (P8,500, ~USD165) clearly represents why with its thoughtfully designed edges ensuring more comfortable arm and hand positions while you game for hours.

A scratch-resistant tabletop, integrated cable management nooks, and adjustable steel legs hit all the necessary requirements for a stable and ultra-sleek gaming rig.

Get the Sharkoon SKILLER SDG1 here.

8. IKEA Fredde – well-designed gaming desk with plenty of storage solutions

big gaming table
The IKEA Fredde in white

Image credit: IKEA PH

The shape of the IKEA Fredde (P12,990, ~USD253) has a contoured tabletop that supports your wrists and forearms, which is helpful when you play for extended periods.

A removable riser is included to display more computer accessories and carry up to two 24” flat-screen computer monitors.

You’ll also love the two integrated cup holders on both sides, because now you won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your drink on your expensive gaming PC.

Get the IKEA Fredde here.

Office tables, gaming desks, and study tables define your workspace

Since spending more time at home seems like the new status quo, clearly defining areas with a specially designed desk for work, study, or play helps you achieve an ideal work-life balance.

Check out these other items for your home office or study area:

Cover image adapted from: @actswoodph, IKEA PH, Ginger Jar