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For most of us on a full-time desk job, sitting comprises most of what we do aside from facing our laptops. But we all know that sitting for long hours strains our backs and necks, so office chairs designed to help us maintain proper posture can keep us sitting right in the long run. 

Office chairs come in various types with different designs and features, however. To help you choose the right office chair for your needs, here are 11 office chairs in the Philippines that will fit all your neers – from swivel to ergonomic, to drastically improve your WFH life.

1. IKEA Philippines’ MARKUS Chair – provides upper and lower back support for tall people

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It can be challenging to sit straight for long hours, especially for tall people, given that they are more inclined to slouch. 

To help you maintain good posture while doing your work, IKEA’s MARKUS Chair (P8,990, ~USD160.85), which can be adjusted from 129cm (4.2ft) to 140cm (4.6ft), is a high-backed chair designed with a curved backrest that provides upper and lower back (or lumbar spine) support for your tall frame. Able to hold 110kg, this comes with a whopping 10-year warranty. 

Rest assured that the chair’s fabric can withstand the test of time as well. It’s made up of polyester, known for its durability and resistance to wrinkling. 

Get the Markus Executive Chair here.

2. Furniture Source’s Andrey Swivel Chair – chic, small, and light

Office chairs - Furniture Source’s Andrey Swivel Chair
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Furniture Source’s Andrey Swivel Chair (P4,990, ~USD89.28) would make a chic addition to your office space. Featuring a backrest that’s bound to the seat and covered with minimalist grey fabric, it offers a new look compared to the ordinary swivel office chairs that usually come with a gap between the backrest and the seat. 

With thin padding, the small and light swivel chair, assembled with 5 wheels, can also move you around easily. 

Get the Andrey Swivel Chair here. 

3. Contract World’s Ergonomic Pro Office Chair – adjustable armrests

Office chairs - Contract World’s Ergonomic Pro Office Chair
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For folks looking for a mid-back chair that has the basic features of an ergonomic chair, Contract World’s Pro Office Chair has everything from adjustments to back support. 

Though plain-looking, it comes with various adjustments – aside from its adjustable seat depth, it has adjustable armrests that you can move upward and downward. The backrest is curved to ensure your good posture and covered with a breathable mesh to help sweat escape. 

Sold at P5,700 (~USD101.99), it balances comfort with affordability. 

Get the Pro Office Chair here. 

4. Tiancai’s 5010 Ergonomic Chair – affordable chair with backrest and moveable armrests

Office chairs - Tiancai 5010 Ergonomic Chair
Image credit: Lazada

Office chairs built with various adjustments and extra space might seem pricey, but the Tiancai 5010 Ergonomic Chair with a backrest and moveable armrests is an affordable find priced at only P1,641 (~USD29.35)

This chair comes in various colors such as brown, blue, and khaki to match the style of your working space. Thanks to the adjustable armrests, the chair can also act as a leisure chair with its comfortable seat cushions. And if you are particular about a chair’s material, you can choose either a fabric or a leather variant of the chair.

Get the Tiancai 5010 Ergonomic Chair here.

5. Mandaue Foam’s Rasha High Back Office Chair – aesthetic lightweight office chair

Office chairs - Mandaue Foam Rasha High Back Office Chair
Image adapted from: Mandaue Foam Home Store

We spend our time for the majority of the day sitting on a chair at work, so it’s understandable if you want to add a dash of your personal aesthetic to its material. The Mandaue Foam’s Rasha High Back Office Chair (P5,865, ~USD104.94), best for petite people, is offered in beige and olive felt fabrics that look sleek and minimalistic. 

Given that it’s a high back chair, your back remains supported while you move around easily in this lightweight chair with its synchro mechanism feature.

Get the Mandaue Foam Rasha High Back Office Chair here.

6. Contract World’s Eve Task Chair – contemporary design and breathable backrest

Office chairs - Contract World’s Eve Task Chair
Image credit: @contractworld via Instagram

Design meets function in Contract World’s Eve Task Chair (P6,700, ~USD119.89), a chair sculpted with elegant curves, equipped with a breathable backrest, and assembled with a seat composed of 40-density sponge. 

The breathable backrest can help sweat evaporate faster, while the thick 40-density sponge is durable while giving you utmost comfort during your long hours of sitting at work. 

Get the Eve Task Chair here.

7. Cost U Less’s Omega 2 Ergonomic Chair – various adjustments possible for users of different heights

Office chairs - Cost U Less’s Omega 2 Ergonomic Chair
Image credit: Lazada 

If you’ve been through many office chairs and know you need something adjustable, consider Cost U Less’s Omega 2 Ergonomic Chair (P1,359, ~USD24.32). Its lower back support can recline in different angles, and the armrests can be adjusted according to the height and depth you prefer.

It’s made for your overall comfort too. You can rest your head and neck during work breaks on the headrest, and you can work with minimal sweating as the backrest is covered with breathable mesh. 

Get the Omega 2 Ergonomic Chair here.

8. Ofix’ Premium 636A High Back PU Chair – high-backed, adjustable-height, and thin

Office chairs - Ofix Premium 636A High Back PU ChairImage credit: Ofix

Ofix’ Premium 636A High Back PU Chair (P9,999, ~USD178.81) is another chair best for tall people – it’s a high-backed chair with a backrest that can be adjusted from 112cm to 122cm.

Complementing this feature is the chair’s thin and minimalist form – metal cylindrical armrests are built on the chair instead of the usual thick cushions, while the seat and backrest, assembled and covered with a single layer of leather, creating seamlessness to the overall look.

So if you want a chair that barely takes any space in the room, this is the one for you.

Get the Ofix Premium 636A High Back PU Chair here.

9. Herman Miller’s Aeron Ergonomic Chair – premium office chair

Office chairs - Herman Miller’s Aeron Ergonomic Chair Image credit: Reddit 

For those who want to invest in an office chair that can last a while, you can check out Herman Miller’s Aeron Remastered Chair (P85,800, ~USD1,535.36), a premium, classic designer chair that’s been around since 1994. It’s designed to support the body’s movements while you’re sitting, as it features the trademark Kinemat® tilt and PostureFit® that let you move with natural ease.

Office chairs - Herman Miller’s Aeron Ergonomic Chair
Image credit: Reddit

The Kinemat tilt helps you move from an upright to a reclined position without lifting your feet from the floor and without losing contact with the chair’s back support. Your arms will also remain stable on the armrests while moving, unlike on ordinary chairs, and the backrest even supports your pelvis’ movements while you’re seated. 

The chair also comes with 8Z Pellicle® material. This allows air and heat to pass through, ensuring that you’re at a comfortable body temperature while doing your everyday tasks.

Get the Aeron Ergonomic Chair here

10. Sihoo’s M56 All Mesh Ergonomic Chair – 2-in-1 gaming and reclining office chair

Office chairs - Sihoo's M56 All Mesh Ergonomic Chair
Image credit: Ofix

This one is for those who work hard and play hard. Sihoo’s M56 All Mesh Ergonomic Chair (P12,999, ~USD232.52) is just what you need if you want to save up your expenses on desk chairs. It offers back-friendly features from the adjustable headrest and lumbar support to its W-shaped seat pan that allows you to sit comfortably for a long period of time.

What’s more, this chair doubles as a gaming chair as it can recline up to 122 degrees, so you can just sit back and relax. And you don’t have to worry about falling as it boasts a support frame and a five-prong base for stability and firmness.

Get the Sihoo All Mesh Ergonomic Chair here.

11. Ofix’ Premium 702A Office Massage Chair – instant massage experience after work

Office chairs - Ofix Premium 702A Office Massage Chair
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It’s not every time that work flows easily for us. During these times, it’s only natural to want to unwind and go for a relaxing activity, such as getting a massage. This is where the Ofix Premium 702A Office Massage Chair (P39,999, ~USD715.71) comes in, your instant pick-me-up.

Ofix Premium 702A Office Massage Chair - massage feature
Image credit: Ofix

Not only does it comprise high-density sponge cushions and foot rest for comfort, but it also

True to its name, this office chair has a built-in massage decompression system – that targets all acupressure points from your neck to your hips – to rid you of stress attained from working all day. What’s more, it comes with a controller for adjusting speed and temperature according to your preferences.

Add in protective layers, high-density sponge cushions, and a foot rest for comfort, and you have the perfect office chair to add to your work space.

Get the Ofix Premium Office Massage Chair here.

Office chairs int the Philippines to gift yourself

Sitting on a chair for long hours does damage to our body. Fortunately, sedentary working can now be less harmful to our backs and necks with the help of these types of office chairs in the Philippines that you can gift to yourself or your loved one. You will not only ensure comfortable sitting posture, but also improve our general well-being. 

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Cover image adapted from: Reddit, @contractworld via Instagram

Article originally published by Addie Pobre on December 2020. Last updated by Jaya Fanoga on November 2023.

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