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9 Places To Get Cochinillo in Metro Manila For An Extra Special Noche Buena

Where to order cochinillo in Metro Manila

The Christmas holidays are always a good time to splurge on food. If you want an extra special noche buena but don’t want to go all out on a huge lechon, you can get a cochinillo – a roast suckling pig with the same crispy skin and an even more tender meat.

To make your search for cochinillo in Metro Manila easier, we’ve compiled some of the best providers below, each offering a different take on the Spanish entree, from one with a variety of yummy dips to another that’s a Spanish-Cuban fusion version.

1. Ang Kusinero – uses suckling pigs from their own farm

Ang Kusinero
Image credit: @angkusineroph via Instagram

What sets Ang Kusinero apart from other cochinillo providers in Metro Manila is that it sources suckling pigs from their own farm to ensure quality and safety. This means they’ve made sure that the suckling pigs they use to cook are healthy before they are prepared for your consumption.

Their roast suckling pigs are known to have crunchy skin and tender meat. So you can enjoy this pork dish to the fullest, each order comes with 3 dips – soy garlic, mango cilantro salsa, ands salsa verde.

For P7,500 (~USD132.46) you can get a cochinillo that feeds up to 12 people. If you can’t finish an entire pig – or if their cochinillo gets sold out before you could order – you can also get their porchetta or roasted pork belly.

For orders, you can message them on Facebook or Instagram or reach them through mobile. You can opt for delivery, pick-up, or book a courier service to pick up your order on your behalf.

Address: 26A Betty Go Belmonte Street, New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact: 0918 898 4253 | Facebook 


2. Cochinillo and Beyond – offers cochinillo party sets

Cochinillo and Beyond
Image credit: @cochinilloandbeyond via Instagram

From P7,800 (~USD137.76), you can get a whole noche buena spread from Cochinillo and Beyond. They have cochinillo party sets with a smoked, roast suckling pig, roasted chicken, java rice, corn, and more. 

If you have other holiday dishes prepared at home, you can also just get a whole, half, or a quarter of roast suckling pig by itself from this food business..

For a true Filipino flavor, Cochinillo and Beyond keeps their sauces simple with gravy and spicy vinegar dips.

Their cochinillos are available for pickup at their branches in QC and Muntinlupa. To order, simply send them a message on Facebook or Instagram. It’s recommended to place your order at least 3 months before your event.

Address: Quezon City and Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

3. Crisostomo – multiple branches around Metro Manila

Image credit: @crisostomoph via Instagram

If all the other cochinillo providers you’ve called are fully booked for the holidays, you can try ordering from Crisostomo.

As it has several branches across the metro, you’ll have better chances of acquiring this trendy celebration food from the restaurant. You can order your cochinillo just 1-2 days in advance from their BGC, Blue Bay Walk, Robinsons Magnolia, and Vertis branches as well as their sister restaurants Sisa’s Secret and Corazon.

While they have whole and half servings, they also let you get a quarter serving of Lechon Valencia-style, earthenware pot-roasted suckling pig for P2,500 (~USD44.15).

Their cochinillo is available for pickup or delivery. Give them a call to place your order.

Contact: 0917 826 2535 | Facebook

For a list of branches, click here.

4. Señor Cochinillo – discounted cochinillo bundles

Señor Cochinillo
Image adapted from: @senorcochinillo via Instagram

If you want Spanish flavors for your Christmas spread, get your cochinillo from Señor Cochinillo

They often offer discounted cochinillo and paella bundles during special occasions such as Christmas and New Year. You can watch out for their promos by following them on social media.

A solo order of a 5.5 to 6.5kg roast suckling pig from Señor Cochinillo costs P9,500 (~USD167.79). They also have a 6.5 to 7.5kg cochinillo for P10,500 (~USD185.45).

Message them on Facebook or Instagram or fill up their form to place an order for pick-up or delivery through a third-party courier.

Address: 6 Mt. Pleasant Street, Mountainview Village, Barangay Sta Elena, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Contact: 0917 518 8485 | Facebook 

5. Don Cochinillo – Cuban-inspired roasted suckling pig

Don Cochinillo
Image credit: @doncochinillo via Instagram

For a Latin American-style take on the Spanish dish, Don Cochinillo offers Cuban-inspired roasted roast suckling pig. 

This is charcoal-roasted and flavored with green mojo sauce made with sour oranges, garlic, oregano, and cumin. Their chefs are certain you won’t be able to get enough of this unique flavor as it also comes with the same sauce separately packed.

A 6 to 6.5kg cochinillo costs P10,900 (~USD192.51). To order, give them a text or a call. You can pick up your order or book a car from Lalamove or Grab.

Address: 117, 4th Street, New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact: 0917 842 7390 | Facebook 

6. Macho Cochinillo – roast suckling pig infused with Thai flavors

Macho Cochinillo
Image credit: @vssilverio via Instagram

Macho Cochinillo presents a different cochinillo crossover, infusing a delightful, tangy Thai flavor to the Spanish entree. 

It comes with Thai sauces, namely mean green sauce and suppah Thai sauce. You can also add fragrant cilantro rice to your order to complement the flavor. 

A cochinillo that’s good for eight people costs P9,300 (~USD164.13) while one that feeds 12 costs P11,000 (~USD194.13) .

To order, message them on Facebook or Instagram or shoot them a text on WhatsApp or Viber. For an additional fee, they provide in-house delivery service across Metro Manila.

Address: 28 Cruzadas, Makati, Metro Manila
Contact: 0977 846 8886 | Facebook

7. Mila’s Lechon – well-known lechon restaurant

Mila's Lechon
Image credit: Mila’s Lechon – Metro Manila via Facebook

Serving scrumptious lechon since its establishment in 1967, it’s no doubt that Mila’s is a household name.

Besides fiesta-sized roast pig, this culinary gem also offers the crispy yet juicy cochinillo. For the dish, they use native pig which is known for having tastier and and leaner meat compared to their commercial counterparts.

They sell cochinillo starting at 3kg (P6,500, ~USD114.72) which can feed up to 10 people. They also have a 4kg (P7,000, ~USD123.54) option that can feed up to 12.

Offering 24/7 delivery and with multiple branches peppered across Metro Manila, Mila’s Lechon ensures that you can always get your favorite Filipino party food whenever, wherever. Give them a call anytime to order.

Contact: 0917 129  568 | website

For a list of branches, click here.

8. Guevarra’s – cochinillo by a celebrity chef

Guevarra's cochinillo
Image credit: Guevarra’s via Facebook

If it’s your dream to be prepared Christmas dinner for by a celebrity chef, you can get one step closer to it by getting your cochinillo from the Filipino restaurant Guevarra’s.

This buffet restaurant is owned by owned by Chef Laudico Guevarra which you may know from Master Chef Philippines. While he may not cook the dish himself, the recipe is sure to be Chef Lau-approved.

Their 3.2kg cochinillo (P7,500, ~USD132.37) can cater to up to 10 guests.

For regular days, you can simply place your order 3 days in advance. For Christmas, however, you might want to text them through Viber a month before.

They can deliver their delectable cochinillo anywhere within Metro Manila.

Address: 387 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, Metro Manila
0917 311 2222| website

9. Lechon La Loma ni Aling Nelia – Cebu-style roasted pig from La Loma

Aling Nelia
Image credit: Lechon La Loma ni Aling Nelia via Facebook

La Loma is dubbed the Lechon Capital of the Philippines for its many establishments offering flavorful lechon. In fact, some lechon businesses claim to be based in La Loma when they’re actually not.

Besides Mila’s, Lechon La Loma ni Aling Nelia is one of the popular lechon businesses in the area which also sell cochinillo. They cook native pigs Cebu lechon-style which has a hint of sweetness.

Their cochinillo (P7,500, ~USD132.37) comes with sarsa and choice of freebie. You can get either dinuguan (pork blood stew) or chicharon (deep fried pork rind) which both make a great pulutan during your holiday gatherings.

Since it’s a more traditional food business, it’s best to contact them on their mobile to order. You can pick-up your order from their store or arrange a courier service to do it for you.

Address: 27 N.S. Amoranto Avenue, La Loma, Quezon City, Metro Manila
0917 310 2156 | Facebook

Cochinillo in Metro Manila for your noche buena 

If you wish to have this roast suckling pig dish at the center of your noche buena spread, it’s best to place your orders ASAP as these cochinillo places in Metro Manila are bound to be booked in advance for Christmas Eve.

For more dishes for noche buena, check out our list of traditional Filipino Christmas foods. And remember to put on these iconic ABS-CBN Christmas station IDs to set a fun holiday dinner mood!

Cover image adapted from: @vssilverio via Instagram and @cochinilloandbeyond via Instagram

Article originally published by Kim Shelley Tan on November 2021, last updated on September 2022.