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Cinema ’76 Cafe, A Movie-Themed Al Fresco Hangout Spot For Local Fans, To Open In QC

Cinema ’76 Cafe to open in Quezon City

No thanks to the ongoing pandemic, it’s been more than a year since most of us visited a movie house. Being inside a dimmed theater while on the edge of our seats as we watch a story unveil on a big screen is definitely an experience many of us are missing.

But while public gathering takes a back seat in the meantime, we’re excited about the opening of TBA Studios’ Cinema ’76 Cafe, an al fresco cozy space that will open in Anonas in Quezon City on 11th June.

It’s a movie-themed cafe, the closest we can have at the moment to experiencing the vibe of a cinema.

The cafe is adorned with posters of local films

Cinema 76 Cafe
Image credit: Cinema ’76 Cafe

The cafe is the best place to converse over a cup of coffee with fellow fans – from signages to comfortable couches, it easily resembles a movie house. Posters of hit local films by the studio such as Goyo, Birdshot, and Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon are also plastered on a wooden divider, adding a retro, vintage flair.

Cinema 76 Cafe
Image credit: Cinema ’76 Cafe

They serve coffees, frappes, and pastries

Cinema '76 Cafe
Image credit: Cinema ’76 Cafe

They serve all things also familiar with our palates – coffees, from classics such as cappuccino (starts at P80, ~USD1.68), chocolate chip cookies (P 70, ~USD1.47 each), and chocolate frappes (starts at P150, ~USD3.14) are among the beverages and desserts we can relish with our friends at the cafe. There’s a popcorn-flavored frappe (starts at P200, ~USD4.19) as well, mixing the taste of the snack we love eating while inside a cinema into a drink. A unique combination indeed!

If you can’t make it to the cafe yet after it opens, they have lots of delivery options you can opt for instead. They are partnered with GrabFood as well as Foodpanda, and you can also directly message them via Viber.

New cinema-themed cafe in Quezon City

There’s something for moviegoers to visit now while cinemas remain closed.

From its interiors to its theme to its menu, the cafe is indeed a haven where movie fans can safely gather amidst the pandemic to share their love for local films over the comforting aroma of coffee.

Cinema ’76 Cafe
Address: 2/F Anonas LRT City Center, Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Initial opening hours: Mon–Fri 1PM-7PM | Closed Sat & Sun
Mobile: 0906 236 2365

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Cover image adapted from: Cinema ’76 Cafe