Cebu Pacific introduces A330neo

Even though we haven’t been able to travel around so much lately due to the pandemic, we’ll have a lot of things to look forward to when piso fares are all the rage once again.

Cebu Pacific, for instance, has just introduced its new aircraft, the A330neo, which will enable us to fly comfortably and also in style. The plane offers us exciting features such as USB ports – perfect for those who frequently take long-haul flights.

The interior is adorned with LED lights

cebu pacific a330neo
Image credit: Cebu Pacific Air

As you step inside the plane, you’ll be welcomed with the warm ambiance cast by the plane’s teal LED lights, which symbolize the colors of the many beaches of the Philippines.

cebu pacific a330neo
Image adapted from: Pilotalk Show

New, pre-reclined seats offer more legroom and are equipped with USB ports

cebu pacific a330neo
Image adapted from: Cebu Pacific Air, @jeyloooo

Unlike those of the older planes, the seats of the new airbus will provide more comfort because of their thinner cushions that will give us extra legroom.

cebu pacific a330neo
Image adapted from: Pilotalk Show

Each passenger will also have access to a USB port, so those who tend to use their gadgets while flying don’t have to worry about running out of battery power.

Cebu Pacific is modernizing its aircraft

With 459 seats, the A330neo is part of the airline’s plan to modernize its planes. Aside from its features that will benefit passengers, the airbus is also an eco-plane that consumes 25% less fuel than older models.

As of writing, Cebu Pacific is waiting for 16 more A330neo models that will be delivered to the country in the next few years. A330neo planes will be used within the Philippines and the rest of Asia, as well as on flights to Australia and the Middle East.

Cebu Pacific’s A330neo for a better flight experience

Despite the challenges being faced by our travel industry, the Cebu Pacific team has been doing its best to introduce something new for travelers.

The A330neo is definitely a welcome update, as it will not just ensure a better, more comfortable flight experience, but also reduce the impact of flying on the environment.

We’re looking forward to more exciting updates from Cebu Pacific!

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Cover image adapted from: Cebu Pacific Air, Pilotalk Show

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