Camping tents for your next outdoor adventure

If you’re like the thousands of Filipinos who are rediscovering the great outdoors now that the travel restrictions are being lifted, you might be in the market for a camping tent for your next hike or beach trip.

And there are a lot of brands and tent types you can choose from, so we narrowed it down to help you out.

1. Decathlon Quechua MH100 – affordable starter tent

camping tent - decathlon MH100
Decathlon Quechua MH100
Image credit: Decathlon Philippines- Pasig

Simple is the best way to describe the Decathlon Quechua MH100 because, for just P1,900 (~USD36.84), you get a basic shelter that fits 2 adults and only weighs 2.4kg (5.2lbs), which makes it easy to haul around anywhere you want to camp out.

We call it basic since it comes with the usual two poles for the structure, a flysheet that goes over the inner tent for protection from the rain or heat, and seven tent pegs with four guy ropes to tie it down if it’s windy. This is for those who don’t need bells and whistles, but just the essentials for the beginner or occasional camper.

Buy the Decathlon Quechua MH100 here.

2. Coleman Sundome 3 – camping tent for the tropical weather

camping tent - coleman sundome
Coleman Sundome 3
Image credit: Coleman

The Coleman Sundome 3 (P4,300, ~USD83.38) has large windows and a ground vent that allows more airflow making you more comfortable inside during hot summer days or humid rainy nights.

This variant of the Sundome fits up to three adults but is perfect for solos and two people, so you can still put your belongings inside. It also weighs approximately 3.8kg (8.3lbs), making it suitable for flat-land camping where you don’t have to carry it on a trek.

Get the Coleman 3-Person Sundome tent here.

3. Decathlon Quechua 3 to 2 Second (Fresh & Black) – instant pop-up tent

camping tent - Decathlon 3 to 2 Second 3 to 2 Second
Decathlon Quechua 3 to 2 Second (Fresh & Black)
Image credit: Decathlon Philippines- Pasig

The name itself gives you a hint of what it offers—with the Decathlon Quechua 3 to 2 Second (Fresh & Black) (P6,000, ~USD116.35), you get a 3-person capacity, a quick set-up, and a blacked-out interior that keeps the harsh sunlight from the inside, perfect for those who want a no-fuss shelter during camping.

To use this tent, you just have to unbuckle the straps and let it unfurl on its own, like those portable fans that expand into a larger diameter. Also, its pop-up system is convenient since you won’t have to fumble around with poles like the traditional way. The clean-up is also swift, especially with its color-coordinated strap system that guides you on how to fold it back.

Get the Decathlon Quechua 3 to 2 Second (Fresh & Black) here.

4. Brown Trekker Sherpa Lights – Filipino brand trekking tent

camping tent - Brown trekker Sherpa lights
Brown Trekker Sherpa Lights

Image credit: Brown Trekker San Pablo Laguna

The thriving mountaineering community in the Philippines paved the way for local outdoor brands to provide gear for Filipinos on a budget; a case in point is the Brown Trekker Sherpa Lights (P2,999,~USD58.16), a reliable shelter on the Philippine mountaintops.

The Sherpa Lights has a Y-shape pole assembly that makes it aerodynamic so as to withstand strong gusts on higher grounds, and a waterproof flysheet with taped seams to ensure there’s no leakage during heavy rain. This tent is ultralight at only 1.8kg (3.9lbs), ideal for when you need to hike for hours and wouldn’t want extra weight to carry.

Visit the Brown Trekker Facebook page to order.

5. Naturehike Cloud UP 20D – ultra-lightweight backpacking tent

camping tent - Naturehike Cloud UP 20D
Naturehike Cloud UP 20D

Image credit: Hiker Box

When you’re on a 4-hour hike and start feeling fatigued, you’ll appreciate how the Naturehike Cloud UP 20D (P6,950,~USD134.53) weighs only an unnoticeable 1.7kg (3.75lbs).

And even though it’s almost as light as a feather, it’s complete with a PU4000 waterproofed rainfly and tent mat with sealed seams and aerodynamic Y-frame poles that guarantee you’ll stay sheltered from the extreme weather at the highest peaks.

Order the Naturehike Cloud UP 20D here.

6. Mountainhiker Black Tower – spacious teepee-style shelter

camping tents - mountainhiker black tower
Mountainhiker Black Tower
Image credit:

Unlike the standard dome tents, the Mountainhiker Black Tower (P8,000, ~USD154.95) uses a single support pole that provides a higher headroom where you can stand upright— a luxury when camping.

You can modify the outer tarp in multiple positions to create a broad sunshade shelter or allow better airflow in the inner tent. This teepee-style tent is on the heavy side at 4.7kg (10.36lbs); it can accommodate 3-4 adults and would be perfect for car camping or any time you don’t have to carry it for long distances.

Order the Mountainhiker Black Tower tent here.

7. Naturehike Brighten 6.4 – luxury glamping tent

camping tents - Nature hike brighten
Naturehike Brighten 6.4

Image credit: Naturehike

We understand that not everyone who wants to experience nature is willing to sacrifice comfort; that’s why Naturehike Brighten 6.4 (P19,327.68, ~USD374.21) is designed precisely for glamping.

This tent features a breathable cotton inner lining protected by a waterproof flysheet reinforced with double-stitched lining in a neutral color to achieve a durable yet luxurious vibe. You can easily stand and move around inside, thanks to the tepee-type structure. Although it can accommodate up to 6 people, the glamping experience is a better fit for 2.

Get the Naturehike Brighten 6.4 here.

8. Quechua Air Seconds 5.2 Blackout – inflatable camping tent

camping tents - Decathlon
Quechua Air Seconds 5.2 Blackout

Image credit: Ad Rem

The Quechua Air Seconds 5.2 Blackout (P32,200, ~USD623.35) brings convenience and comfort outdoors for the whole family. To set it up, all you have to do is use an air pump to inflate the support beams, and you’ll be good to go.

Meanwhile, the blackout design on the internal linings protects you from the extreme heat and light, especially under the Philippine afternoon sun. What’s more is, it has large windows, a front opening for optimal airflow, and three main living spaces to set up your lounge area and bedrooms for up to 5 people.

Get the Quechua Air Seconds 5.2 Blackout here.

Camping tents to buy in the Philippines

Being cooped up indoors for almost two years made us feel like it’s both a privilege and duty to experience life outdoors in the beautiful places around the Philippines; if you agree, get yourself one of these camping tents and see you out there!

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Cover image adapted from: Decathlon Philippines- Pasig and Naturehike

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