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If you love drag shows but don’t have the energy to go out on weekend evenings, Butterboy in Quezon City offers a unique but welcome solution.

This small bakery is a place to be on Saturdays for their “drag brunch” or “meriendrag” – a portmanteau of merienda or snack and drag – where a guest drag queen performs. They also put on RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes for diners as they enjoy delightful croissants and other delectable pastries.

Drag performances every Saturday

Butterboy Quezon City - Drag brunch show Naia
Naia serving pastries and looks at Butterboy’s drag brunch.
Image credit: @naia.mnl

These drag brunches and meriendrags at Butterboy began on 21st May and were supposed to be held only until 25th June. However, Butterboy just announced that they’re renewing their Saturday drag brunches in July.

So far, the bakery has had local drag queens Naia and Eva Le Queen perform.

Prepare to be amazed at how each artist makes a stage out of an unlikely place. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how you’ll feel the drag show atmosphere even at a daytime event.


Butterboy Quezon City - drag brunch
Butterboy’s surprise announcement.
Image adapted from: @butterboyph

Reservations for the drag brunch on 25th June will open today, 21st June, at 7pm. Slots run out pretty fast, so make sure to set an alarm for good measure.

For their last run on Pride month, Butterboy hinted at extra special guests.

Each admission ticket costs P700 (~USD12.93) and includes an impressive menu of pastry samplers, eggs benedict, and unlimited hot coffee or iced tea.

Unique croissant flavors

Butterboy Quezon City - rainbow croissant
French Vanilla Rainbow Croissant.
Image credit: @butterboyph

Besides their drag brunches and meriendrags, another reason to be a Butterboy fan is their unique croissant flavors.

One of these is their limited-time French Vanilla Rainbow Croissant that’s part of their P550 (~USD10.18) Saturday and Sunday samplers for Pride month.

tom yum goong croissant sandwich
Tom yum goong croissant sandwich.
Image credit: @butterboyph

They also have the savory caldereta croissant (P140, ~USD2.59). It’s a croissant stuffed with beef meatballs in a cheesy, tomato-y sauce, and sprinkled with sesame seeds and pickled pepper on top.

In the past, they’ve also had tom yum goong (spicy and sour Thai soup) and char siu (Chinese barbecued pork) croissant sandwiches.

Delivery orders

Butterboy Quezon City - croissants
Have pastries delivered to your home.
Image credit: @butterboyph

If you can’t make it to Butterboy’s drag brunch but still want to support the queer-owned business, you can place your pastry orders at butterboyph.com.

You can opt for in-house delivery or pickup via a third-party courier. For in-house delivery, they can send their goodies around Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and Rizal. Payment can be made via GCash, direct bank transfer to BPI and BDO, or debit or credit card through their website.

Rainbow pastries and drag brunches during Pride month

It’s not too late to celebrate your pride or show your support to the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month.

If you’re looking for a place to be this weekend, call your friends for a fun and unique brunch experience you can only get at Butterboy in Quezon City.

Address: 81 Basa Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Opening hours:
Tue-Sat 12pm-5pm | Sun 7am-12pm | Closed Mondays
Butterboy’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @naia.mnl and @butterboyph 


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